Rubber Bridge

Rod Spicer, Chairman, 935-5306

Rubber Bridge is the first Thursday of the month at 9:00 AM
Round Table Pizza on Oak Park Blvd. in Pleasant Hill

Our session begins with each table playing a demonstration The marked tires and the power failure did not stop us. Round Table did us a great favor and let us play in the front room by the big window. My hat is off to them for allowing us to use their tables and bring in our own food. Once again this is a good reason to encourage all SIRs to buy lunch when they are at Round Table.The best players this month were: Dan Smith (5220); Tom Hensley (4260); and Jan Persson (4190). The scores ran from 900 to 5220 with the median score being about 2062. All SIRs are invited to our game that is held at Round Table Pizza, 1938 Oak Park Blvd., Pleasant Hill. The game starts at 9:00 AM on the first Thursday of the month. Please answer Al Welch’s email early so we can try to fill the tables. Bring your own beverage

Rod Spicer, Chairman, 935-5306,
Al Welch, Co-Chairman, 938-4131,
David Bushnell, Co-Chairman, 838-3914,


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