Application Form

We have two versions of our application form. An online application that you may fill out using your computer and send to us immediately. The second is a manual or paper application that you fill out by hand and mail to us. 

Application Form – Online is preferred and easy to use

“>Click here for an Online application form.

The application is self-explanatory but note the following:

  1. The fields with an * are required data to complete the application.
    Example: your Name
  2. If you have a partner, please enter your partner’s name and phone number. The other partner data fields are optional.
  3. Click on the “SUBMIT” button to ensure your application is sent to the Branch 8 Membership Secretary.

The Branch 8 Membership Secretary will process your application. He will contact you to review your application.

Application Form – Manual/Paper
If you prefer to hand write a paper copy of the Application form; please contact the Membership Secretary via email at and he will provide you a copy.