Branch 8 Bowling Activity


KEEP IN MIND – One of the advantages bowling has over golf is that you seldom lose a bowling ball. – Don Carter

Chairman: Dan Weller


Assistant Chairman: Rob Norris     925-788-6958

National Bowling Stadium Reno

Bowling Action At the NBS

Dan Weller’s Dreaded 5-7-10 “Sour Apple” Reno 2017

SIR Bowling Report for April 2023

Bowling League

A trio (three bowlers on a team) summer league is being formed.   It will run from May 17 through August 23. Low average bowlers and spouses are welcome. 

Please contact Dan Weller if you are interested in league and / or tournament bowling.

SIR State-Wide Tournament Schedules, Applications, and Results Are On-Line:

To access the SIR State bowling information, open the state bowling web site at  You can find tournament schedules, applications and results on the site.

Upcoming SIR Bowling Tournaments:




April 17-20

Carson City, NV

Three events: Single, Double, and Team.  The tournament is a casino.

May 16-17


This is the annual “SIRs Only” tournament where the SIR Champions are decided.

ACTIVITY CHAIRMAN:      Dan Weller          925-935-5510    

ASSISTANT CHAIRMAN   Rob Norris           925-788-6958    

Last Changed by Dan, 3/22/2023