Branch 8 Bowling Activity


KEEP IN MIND – One of the advantages bowling has over golf is that you seldom lose a bowling  ball. – Don Carter

Chairman: Dan Weller


Assistant Chairman: Rob Norris     925-788-6958

National Bowling Stadium Reno

Bowling Action At the NBS

Dan Weller’s Dreaded 5-7-10 “Sour Apple” Reno 2017

SIR Bowling Report for December 2022

Bowling League

The 2022-2023 league started September 7. There are ten co-ed four-bowler teams. Low average bowlers and spouses are welcome. 

Please contact Dan Weller if you are interested in league and / or tournament bowling.

SIR State-Wide Tournament Schedules, Applications, and Results Are On-Line:

To access the SIR State bowling information, open the state bowling web site at  You can find tournament schedules, applications and results on the site.

Upcoming SIR Bowling Tournaments:




Jan 17-18


First 2023 tournament

Feb 16-17



ACTIVITY CHAIRMAN:      Dan Weller          925-935-5510    

ASSISTANT CHAIRMAN   Rob Norris           925-788-6958    


Last Changed by Dan, 11/27/2022