ACTIVITY CHAIRMAN: Dan Weller     925-935-5510

 Branch 8 Bowling Activity


KEEP IN MIND – One of the advantages bowling has over golf is that you seldom lose a bowling ball. – Don Carter

Chairman: Dan Weller



National Bowling Stadium Reno

National Bowling Stadium Reno

Bowling Action At the NBS

Bowling Action At the NBS

National Bowling Stadium Awaits 160 SIR Bowlers.

National Bowling Stadium Awaits 280 SIR Bowlers – August 2017

Dan Weller’s First Ball 2017 Reno. “Sour Apple” 5-7-10 Split

Bowling Report for December 2017

Winter Leagues:

Branch 19 SIR League – Branch 19 (Concord) sponsors a SIR league at Clayton Valley Bowl.  The 2017-2018 league started on September 6th.  The league consists of ten four-person teams.  Spouses and guests are welcome.  We bowl starting at 10 AM every Wednesday at Clayton Valley Bowl. 

This is a good time to get back into bowling if you have been too busy while you were working full-time.  We have averages from 120 to 220, so everyone is welcome.  If you are not able to commit to a thirty-week season, you might want to sign up as a substitute where you can normally bowl on the weeks that you choose if there are any absences on your week.

Many of the bowlers participate in some of the twenty SIR bowling tournaments that are held each year.  These are a great way to meet SIRs from other branches.

Contact Dan Weller if you are interested.

SIR State-Wide Tournament Schedules, Applications, and Results Are On-Line:

To access the SIR State bowling information, open the state bowling web site at  You can find tournament schedules, applications, and results on the site.

 Upcoming SIR Bowling Tournaments:




December 3

Fremont Sunday date to utilize lighter traffic

January 9


ACTIVITY CHAIRMAN: Dan Weller     925-935-5510

ASSISTANT CHAIR:   Jim Erickson     925-939-7925


Grey Matter Winning Team 2015

Bowling Shirt Collection Slideshow.

Click here for 2015 history

Updated by Dan Weller 10/20/2017

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