Dine Out Single Sirs


Glenn Gilman, Chairman 
 798-5155  glenngfam@sbcglobal.net


Dine Out Single SIRS

                        Tuesday, July 10th* (2nd Tuesday)
                      Mr. Lucky’s Restaurant
                          2618 Pleasant Hill Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
                           Social time is 5:00 with dinner at 5:30 p.m. 
              Our host is
Ray Nummi,  228-6685  rvnummi@yahoo.com  

*Please note that our normal first Tuesday dinner has been moved to the second Tuesday in July because of conflict with 4th of July celebrations.

Last month we dined at the newly reopened Black Angus restaurant where ten of us enjoyed good food and lively conversation.  We welcomed new single Ron Cassano.  Our thanks to Marv Kreitz who hosted the event.  Marv has probably been a member of SIR Branch 8 the longest, this being his 31st year .

Branch 8 Sirs, single or just single at dinner time, are invited to join the guys for dinner on the first Tuesday of the month.  Let Chairman Glenn or the host of the month know and a seat will be saved for you.  Or just show up and I’m sure a seat will be added to the table.   Separate checks ensure each pay for his own meal

Glenn Gilman Chairman 798-5155  glenngfam@sbcglobal.net
     Don Atwater, Asst. Chairman 673-1669  
Ray Nummi, host  228-6685  rvnummi@yahoo.com  

Dinner at Peony Gardens, April 2018
Bob Baily (back to camera), then L-R  Don Atwater, Glen Gilman, Ray Nummi, Stan Hennessey, Jery White,Frank Kilarr, Marv Kreitz and Don Marchman

Dinner at the Lazy Dog Restaurant, February 6, 2018

Left to right: Bob Bailey, Marv Kreitz, Jerry White, Bill Barber, Clark Morehouse, Norman Cox, Stan Hennessy, Glen Gilman, Don Atwater
  @ La Tapatia  December 2017

Left to Right  Clark Morehouse, Ray Nummi, Stan Hennessey, Glenn Gilman, Bob Bailey, Marv Kreitz, Frank Kilarr,Don Marchman, Don Atwater and host Norman Cox. August 2, 2017 @ Claim Jumper Restaurant

L/R Don Marchman, Ray Nummi, Glen Gilman, Frank Kilarr @ Mr. Lucky’s March 2017


BJ Bistro Restaurant December 2016
L-R  Don Marchman, Glenn Gilman, Stan Hennessey, Marv Kreitz, Bob Bailey, Jack Stack, Zip Zaro, Don Atwater, Ray Nummi, Clark Morehouse


Lazy Dog Restaurant 2016
R/L – Patrick Alexander, Jerry White, Stan Hennessy, Jack Stack, Zip Zaro, Bob Bailey

Lazy Dog Restaurant 2016
L/R – Norman Cox, Clark Morehouse, Ray Nummi, Murray Shelton

Around the table from bottom left is Clark Morehouse, Bob Bailey, Don Atwater, Gene McManus, Zip Zaro (hidden), Herb Hellsten, Marv Kreitz. Norman Cox, Jack Stack, Bon Wadors and Ray Nummi


Marv Kreitz, Jack Stack, Clint Rudd, Zip Zar at Lazy Dog Restaurant October 2015

L-R Herb Hellsten, Jerry White, Ray Nummi, Clark Morehouse, Bon Wadors
at Lazy Dog Restaurant, October 2015

Creek Restaurant in Rossmore  January 2016
L-R around the table
Marv Kreitz. Jerry White. Jack Stack, Bon Wadors, Patrick Alexander, Bob Bailey,
Stan Hennessy, Clark Morehouse, Ray Nummi, Don Atwater, Dan Franklin, Bob Cramer


updated 05/14/2018 dda

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