Dine Out Single Sirs


Glenn Gilman, Chairman 
 798-5155  glenngfam@sbcglobal.net


We dine the first Tuesday
of the month

Dine Out Single Sirs will continue dining at home while we await approval for us to safely resume our monthly gatherings.  Getting our COVID vaccinations is a step in the right direction.   Chairman Glen has agreed to host the first event.   If you have a restaurant you want to suggest, just let him know. 

Glenn Gilman, Chairman 798-5155  glenngfam@sbcglobal.net    
Don Atwater, Asst. Chairman 673-1669   datwater@pacbell.net


2020 Schedule

January – Don Atwater – The Old Spaghetti Factory
February – Stan Hennessey – Mr Lucky’s

March – COVID19
April – COVID19
May – COVID19
June – COVID19
July –– COVID19

August – Ray de Wit – Creekside Grill
September – Frank Kilaar – Fuego Tequila Grill
October –- Ron Cassano – Burma 2
November – Glenn Gilman – The Old Spaghetti Factory
December – Cancelled


Outdoor Dining at Creekside Grill 8-4-2020
L-R  Bill Barber, Dan Crowley,  Host Ray de Wit, Ron Cassano,
Frank Kilarr, Stan Hennessey


Dining at Taheris Restaurant October 2019
Host Ron Cassano, Ray Nummi, Phil Philpot, Dan Crowley

Dining at Taheris Restaurant October 2019   
Ray deWit, Frank Kilarr, Bill Barber




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