Dine Out Single Sirs


Glenn Gilman, Chairman 
 798-5155  glenngfam@sbcglobal.net


We dine on the first Tuesday
of the month

Tuesday,  June 4th.


Mangia Bene Restaurant
1170 Arnold Drive #116. Martinez

 Dinner is at 5:00 p.m.

Mangia Bene Resyaurant, 1170 Arnold Drive #116. in Martinez is where we will dine on Tuesday, June 4th at 5:00 p.m.  This Italian restaurant was where we dined a couple of years ago with positive reviews.  As our host, Rich Knowles is traveling for much of the month, you are to confirm to Don Atwater, datwater@pacbell.net  whether you plan to attend or not.  Your confirmation will be shared with Rich on his return. 

Glenn Gilman, Chairman, 925-798-5155  glenngfam@sbcglobal.net      
Don Atwater, Asst. Chairman  925-673-1669  

                                    The Old Spaghetti Factory, December 2023
L/R Ray deWit, Don Atwater, Glen Gilman, John Osborne, Dave Perkins, Bill Barber, Hugh Barnett, Rick Knowles, Dick Hixson, John Vallor, Phil Philpot


Dinner at Naan ^ Curry, Concorfd 12/6/2022.
 John Vallor, Jim Sowell, Dick Hixson, Hugh Barnett, Ray deWit Glenn Gilman, Rich Knowles


Dining @ DJ Bistro June/2022
L/R Frank Kilarr, Dan Crowley, Bill Barber, Glenn Gilman,
John Vallor, Norm Cox, Don Atwater, Dick Hixson, Stan Hennessy, RonCassano, Rich Knowles, Ray de Wit, Peter Shapiro

Dining @ Maxx May/2022
L/R John Vallor, Frank Kilarr, Bill  Barber, Dick Hixson, Glenn Gilman, Rich Knowles, Rich Rosin, Ray de Wit, Hugh Barnett, Norman Cox


Dining @ LaVeranda, March 2022
L/R Glenn Gilman, Peter Shapiro, Bill Barber, John Valler,Phil Philpot, Don Atwater, Ray de Wit, Hugh Barnett, Ron Cassano


Dining at Mr Luckey’s in July 2021, Photographer  Dick Hixson
L/r Frank Kilarr, Ron Cassano,, Rich Knowles, Stan Hennessey, Phil Philpot, Dan Crowley, Bill Barber, Peter Shapiro, Don Atwater and Glenn Gilman


Outdoor Dining at Creekside Grill in August, 2020
L-R  Bill Barber, Dan Crowley,  Host Ray de Wit,
Ron Cassano, Frank Kilarr, Stan Hennessey




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