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BEC Meeting Minutes – reviewed by the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) each month.

MARCH 2024

Below is the Analysis of Comment Cards from the March 11, 2024 SIR Branch 8 Luncheon.  

There were five cards turned in by five members. Two members were “A bit Annoyed” and three gave no attitude.

The sound system was discussed (or cussed) at length by three members.

o It is very difficult to understand the Big Sir and speakers. They seem very soft-spoken.

o The sound is unclear and muddy. (NB. The loss of higher frequencies is common in older adults hearing.)

o The system may need to be set to emphasize treble tones.

o Servers clearing tables at the end of the meal make it almost im possible to hear the Big Sir.

The food was surprisingly good when we moved to Boundary Oaks. The quality and quantity has declined in recent months. The portion size of the fish items is tiny.

The room was COLD.

The most interesting comment was that it is not worth coming to meetings if you can’t hear (even the jokes).


Jim Sowell. 

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