50th Anniversary pictures

Some photographs from our 50th Anniversary Luncheon on March 9, 2015 at the Concord Hilton.

Attendees included State President Bob Hairston, Vice President Don Dill, 5 other Board Members, The Mayor of Walnut Creek, a representative from Concord City Council, The Hilton general Manager and his Catering sales staff, plus some local Big Sirs and Little Sirs from local branches. In total there were 320 attendees, our largest ever lunch crowd!

The following slide show attempts to capture some of the wonderful atmosphere of the day. Pictures will be added as they are made available from other photographers. If you have some to add please send them to webmaster Derek Southern, the size should be no more than 800 pixels in either dimension.

It may take a few moments to load – please be patient!

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