Model Railroad

Rich Knowles, chairman

9/7/2020 update

The Model Railroad activity is still alive – it is just on hiatus due to the pandemic.  We will not build stuff together until after the pandemic is officially declared over.  Meanwhile we can share via email if we want.  Let me know of anything you want to share with the Model Railroad group and I will send it around via email.  My email address is


This activity covers everything relating to the creation of model train layouts.  Creating a layout includes deciding what the train tracks will look like, what trains will run on the layout, and what scenery will be created for the layout. 

As an example, I (Rich) have the layout below in my garage.  It consists of an outer loop and an inner figure 8.  I am changing the upper left quadrant.  The first thing I am doing is changing the track crossing to an overpass.  I have some stuff to use to support the track as it goes up and down, and putting it in place is what I am spending some time on.  And I plan on adding hills around it so that the raised track is some combo of canyon and hillside.  And the outer loop will be under a mountain I will build (a tunnel).  

Once we can start meeting each person will be able to do the aspect of Model Railroading that interests them (including running the trains on the track – one of my favorite parts).

We have some experienced model railroaders interested in this group and some beginners wondering whether or not this will pique their interest.  So far 15 people have expressed interest.  Come and join us.

We did have a couple of Zoom meetings, but until we have something to say or share we don’t have any more scheduled.  Let me know if you want to meet that way and I will set something up.