Duplicate Bridge 2


Chairman: Jerry Milano

We play on the 4th Friday of each month (exceptions announced here and in Hotline).

May results
Our May contest high finishers are: Greytak/Spicer 1st with 57 points; Snarr/Yee 2nd with 52.5 points; Grisanti/Myrtle 3rd with 51 points; Creamer/Wolf 4th with 50.5 points; and, Greene/Regan 5th with 46 points.
The board of the month was #20.  
West was dealer with: S Q,8,5,4; H 2; D J,9,7,2; C 9,6,4,3 – he would pass. North held: S A,K,10; H  K,J,8,3; D A,K,4; C Q,J,8 – he would open with 2NT. East held S J,9; H Q,10,9,7,5; D 8,6,5,3; C 5,2 – he would pass.  
South had: S 7,6,3,2; H A,6,4; D Q,10; C A,K,10,7 – he can count 34 or 35 partnership points. Even without a 5 card suit in either hand, this is usually enough for 6 NT.   Using either Puppet Stayman or  Stayman, the partnership can quickly discover by the 3rd level that they do not have a 5/4 or 4/4 fit in a major.  North can then cue bid 4 Diamonds to show that Ace and South can cue bid 4 Hearts to show that Ace, North can then cue bid 4 Spades to show that Ace.  South can then work through Blackwood and eventually bid 6 NT.
East probably would lead either the 7 of Hearts (fourth from his longest and strongest) or the Jack of Spades.  With the Heart lead, 6NT makes; with the Spade lead, 6NT probably goes down one unless North subsequently takes a Spade finesse (against the Queen ) and wins that trick with the 10 (if West ducks).  Some people recommend a passive lead against 6 or 7 NT – if East were to do so here, by leading the 8 of Diamonds (top of nothing), it is difficult to see how North can avoid going down at 6 NT.  One team bid and made 7NT (not sure how that happened unless East threw away too many Hearts on Club tricks); two teams bid and made 6NT; and, two teams bid 3NT and made 6.
Ernie has suggested that we play Swiss teams on some months.  My concern is the difficulty in assuring we have exactly 4 or 6 tables of contestants.  What are the group’s thoughts?
A reminder – all players should count their cards before turning the cards over to bid and both teams should check the table mat to assure they are playing the correct team and boards.

Jerry Milano   Co-Chair      934-3496  jerrymilano@astound.net
Bud Grisanti   Co-Chair       672-3023  bgrisanti@juno.com

9/15/2017   updated ses

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