Branch 8 Speakers


Month              Speaker                           Topics

Jan. 8                         Nan Sui                                 Chinese business strategies (Rich)                                              Helen Billings



Feb 12                       David Bushell (Br. 8)           International efforts to harness wave                                                                                           and tide energy.


March 11                   Loella Haskew                      Mayor of Walnut Creek



April 8                         Ray de Witt



May 13                       Jerry Meyers                         past president of Chevron Research                                 



June 10                      Ladies Day Luncheon


July 8                          Debbie Toth                                      Choice in Aging                                                                                  (Tony de Losada)

                                     Secretary: Grace Cunningham     


                                      (925) 682-6330

Aug. 12                      Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano

                                    Dawn Manley

                                    Elise Veliz

Sep. 9                         Marie Li                                               Wisdom and humanity of ancient                                  Chinese


Oct. 14                       Janet Hoy                                          League of Women Voters


Nov. 11                      Buddy May & other membership veterans.


Dec. 9                         Christmas Lunch    


Other potential speakers:

Gary Peterson – retired newspaper columnist

Dan Bornstein          EBT columnist

Someone from the John Muir Land Trust / Save Mount Diablo         

James Flores – Sunrise Clinical Research j- dementia

Candace Anderson – CC Bd of Supervisors

Wayne Freedman – retired KGO reporter

Susan Lucas – Medicare

Elder Abuse Speaker

Dee Rosario – East Bay Regional Parks Director

Dieter Kurtenbach – sportswriter for EBT/Mercury News

A Park Ranger – Mount Diablo

Peggy White – Lesher Theater

Tracy Dietlein – Broadway Plaza

Police Chief – Walnut Creek & Concord

Sears Point speaker

Lawrence Livermore Lab speakerChabot Observatory / DVC – Astronomy speaker



2023 Speakers 

Month                    Speaker                                         Topics

Jan. 9                     Julie Clemens                              Shelter, Inc. 
Feb. 13                   Neil Zarchin                                 CC/Solano Food Bank 
Mar. 13                  Bill English                                  Meadow View Winery 
Apr. 10                   Budd MacKenzie                        Afghanistan Today –                                                                                                                                The Challenge of Working Within 
May 8                     Dr. Al Tobias                               Prostrate cancer 
Jun. 12 Ladies’ Day Luncheon 
Jul. 10                    Mark Marymee                            Photo Saving
Aug. 14                   Tom Parish                                   Berkeley Rep. Theatre 
Sep. 11                    Timothy Haile                              C. C. Transportation Authority 
Oct. 9                      Janet Hoy                                     League of Women Voters 
Nov. 13                   Chuck Myers/docent                  Docent at the USS Hornet
Dec. 11                    Christmas Lunch

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