Branch 8 Speaker History


2023 Speakers 

Month                    Speaker                                         Topics

Jan. 9                     Julie Clemens                              Shelter, Inc. 
Feb. 13                   Neil Zarchin                                 CC/Solano Food Bank 
Mar. 13                  Bill English                                  Meadow View Winery 
Apr. 10                   Budd MacKenzie                        Afghanistan Today –                                                                                                                                The Challenge of Working Within 
May 8                     Dr. Al Tobias                               Prostrate cancer 
Jun. 12 Ladies’ Day Luncheon 
Jul. 10                    Mark Marymee                            Photo Saving
Aug. 14                   Tom Parish                                   Berkeley Rep. Theatre 
Sep. 11                    Timothy Haile                              C. C. Transportation Authority 
Oct. 9                      Janet Hoy                                     League of Women Voters 
Nov. 13                   Chuck Myers/docent                  Docent at the USS Hornet
Dec. 11                    Christmas Lunch

Thanks to the efforts of Little Sirs Stan Johnson and Darryl Sweetland (and not forgetting earlier Little Sirs) we have a history of Branch 8 luncheon speakers from 2000 to 2015.

Luncheon Speakers 2015

January – Ed Cohn – Branch 8 Member, personal experience fighting bulls
February – Jon Dwyer – Processes, advantages and disadvantages of fracking
March – Michael Finney – ABC Channel 7, consumer affairs and elder scams
April – Thomas Linedmuth – Processes and costs factors in desalination
May – Tom Barnidge – Contra Costa Times Editorialist, CCC affairs
July – Nan Su – Chinese cultural changes
August – Rex Meredith – Standup comic
September – Amonjot Sethi MD – Advanced procedures treating prostate cancer
October – Michael Barrington – experiences as a missionary in Africa
November – Judge Barry Goode – Current state of affairs within our court system

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