Wine Cellar Fillers

Jim Sowell


The next meeting of CFWA will be in June 2019, probably on Friday the 21st or 28th. The time and place will be announced as soon as available. New hosts for the meeting are always welcome. Anyone with room enough to have ten or more thirsty Sirs for lunch is qualified to be the next host. Call if you would like to take it on.

The activity is open to members, applicants, and guests and is a great way to introduce a guest to SIR.  CFWA cannot accommodate Spouses and SO’s at events held in members homes because of limited space. At times we do hold events at wineries or other larger venues when Spouses and SO’s are welcome, as they are at our other five wine activities, such as All About Wine, Bargain Wines or Wine Finders I, II, and III.

We meet at 11:30 AM for a simple lunch of sandwiches and fixin’s, arranged by the host, then taste five whites and five reds. Occasionally we throw in a few blush wines. The wines are bought a few days in advance by a purchasing committee of the chair and co-chair and any interested members. Our price point is $7.00-ish, but if tempted by a pretty label or a favorable review, we will go a little higher.

The cost of the events is usually around $10.00, depending on the wines selected and how many members attend. A report on the wines evaluated will be sent to the CFWA members shortly after the meeting, and will be available on this webpage. It will list the wines, their rankings, price and source.

Let me know if you want to attend, if you can host, or if you have a preference for either date.

If you have questions or if you want to join the purchasing committee, please contact:

Jim Sowell, Chair,, (925) 939-4670 or (925) 457-7746 cell

Scott Graff, Ass’t Chair,, (925) 552-6097

If you would like your name to be added to the mailing list, please contact:
Jim Sowell, Chair, or Jim Warner, Ass’t Chair

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