Bargain Bites


Chairman:  Ron Smith


                                                          BARGAIN BITES

We try to find good local restaurants that can provide us with a nice meal for $20 with tax and tip included. If you would like to be placed on the e-mail list, just send a note to and say “Place me on the Bargain Bites List”. You will receive personal e- mails in advance of the Hotline. Thanks for your interest and wonderful support. It makes the effort worthwhile.

Climbing Season on Mt. Everest – May 23

We couldn’t get things put together soon enough for the May Hotline so you are reading about it after the fact. But if you are on our mailing list you heard about it in advance and signed up  before it was full. I’m talking about  Himalayan Cuisine in Concord.

Yes, partner Ron M. and Linda did it again. On May 23 about  46 of us descended on  Himalayan Cuisine and enjoyed a great buffet dinner of Nepalese and Indian food.  Corkage was only $7 and we had a great feast while waiting for the weather to break so we could continue up the mountain.

We will be dark in June.  Too much going on with the Ladies Day Luncheon and the Annual BBQ. I hope you have signed up for both of these wonderful SIR traditions. Spend a couple of bucks, get dressed up and take your wife to the  beautiful Contra Costa Country Club. She deserves it.

We’ll be back in July, hopefully with another  twenty dollar Bargain Bite special. See you then.

If you would like to be placed on the Bargain Bites e-mail list, just send a note to and say “Place me on the Bargain Bites List”. Oh yes, include your name. You will receive personal e-mails in advance of the Hotline.   Again, thanks for your interest and wonderful support. It makes the effort worthwhile.

Chairman Ron Smith 925-314-3066                                                       Asst. Chair Ron Maciak 925-357-8005                                    

Some pictures from the March 7 session, click on the instruction in square brackets [ ] to select the slide show or the complete set of thumbnail images(11) . The slide show will start automatically as you open the page.


Past Events

On October 25th we had a group of 56 people overwhelm Taheri’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Pleasant Hill.  We were like nomads in the desert as we took over the tent outside and part of the inside of the restaurant.  We originally started out with 40 people but when we explained to Owner Sean Taheri we had 16 people on the wait list, he managed to find a little more room for us. It was a “Hot time in the Old Tent” as we enjoyed drinks or our own wine for just a $10 corkage accompanied with delicious Focaccia Bread followed by a nice green salad and then our entree choices of 1/2 Roasted Chicken, or Vegetable Lasagne or Spaghettini with shrimp, mussels & clams, or Beef Marsala.  Whatever your choice, you couldn’t miss. Thanks to all who attended this and other Bargain Bites events throughout the year.  Your enthusiasm and support really makes it work.  And a special thanks to partner Ron Maciak for setting this one up

Pictures from the “Three Brothers from China” dining 5/24/2016

This was a traditional Chinese feast served family style at tables of eight. How many you wonder? There were seven tables of eight which adds up to 56 SIR and spouses– – another new record. Thanks to all of you who attended and support Bargain Bites and all of our great SIR activities. And a special thanks to my partner Ron Maciak (and Linda) who organized this one while I was twiddling my thumbs. And to Alex Go (and Mayo) who suggested Three Brothers and helped with the arrangements.

Santorini in Danville on March 21
The food was great and there was plenty of it.  A number of people took left over boxes home with them. The buffet was a little clumsy with the seating arrangement in the restaurant, but you all handled it very well. And the wine helped.

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El Charro’s in Lafayette for a Mexican fiesta. 
On Tuesday, February 23 we enjoyed a choice of the Combo Plate (Beef Taco, Chicken Enchilada & Chile Rellenos),or Beef Fajitas, or  Chile Verde.  And of course,  lots of cerveza, margaritas and other drinks to wash it all down.  Our biggest group yet and they were a happy bunch. Ole!!  The pictures show us having a great time…


2015 Activity History Report

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