Fishing – Area 16

4th Thursday January to October
3rd Thursday November and December 
at the Legend Sports Bar and Grill at the Diablo Creek Golf Course
4050 Port Chicago Highway in Concord.
Meeting starts at 8:30 am.

AREA 16 FISHING NEWS FOR October 2019 

All SIR members and guests are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to participate in fishing trips as well as attend the monthly meetings.  Next meeting will be Thursday, June 28th in the Legend Sports Bar and Grill at the Diablo Creek Golf Course at 4050 Port Chicago Highway in Concord.  Meeting starts at 8:30am, come early. 

Contacts are Harry Sherinian 510-207-7067 and Carl Moyer 925-685-5243.

Halibut in the bay is remarkably still going strong, and this has been a spectacular year for that, too many of us caught them to list here.  The bay is chock full of smaller halibut, and the future looks magnificent.  Joe Miscione, Mario Moritorio, Phil Scimonelli, and Brion Beetz fished piers in the lower bays for mixed bags of stripers, smelt, rays, sharks, and even a guitarfish.  Phil, Brion, Ron Lew, Ray Pixton, and Carl Moyer caught catfish from San Pablo Reservoir.  Bob Stein, Carl Moyer, Brion Beetz, Ron Lew, and Rich Fiscina caught rock fish and ling cod from the ocean.  Many of the members of the fishing group met with the Sirs in the Kitchen at host Ed Benson’s house for our annual fish feast.  This is an incredible food and drink gathering.  Over 40 pounds of fish fillets were devoured.  Meanwhile, Tom Kostik and Mike Corker sought black and striped bass in the delta.  Pete Gates and Tom Boltz caught halibut and salmon in Alaska.  Jerry Hicks took a guided fly fishing trip to Oregon for lots of trout.

Carl Moyer’s Annual Backyard Fish Fry-2019

Chuck Cornell caught this 100 lb halibut in Alaska.

Gordon Linebaugh, Jack Waddell, Bob Stein, Alex Go,  and Brion Beetz  are happy with these salmon caught outside the gate.

Ron Lew holds this big ling cod

 Ron Lew caught this 29 pound monster catfish at San Pablo Reservoir


Pete Gates, Jack Waddell, Paul Waddell and Phil Scimonelli
went to New Melones for these Kokanee.



SIR Carl Moyer caught these big 8 and 7 lb trout at San Pablo Reservoir


Stan Wong holds this beautiful string of trout caught at San Pablo Reservoir with Carl Moyer.

Phil Scimonelli and Brion Beetz caught these trout fishing with Carl Moyer


Thom Watkins is happy with the beautiful 5 lb rainbow trout he caught. 


Ron Lew, Brion Beetz, Stan Wong, and Bob Stein
had a productive rock cod/crab combo trip.


Rich Fiscina caught this big sturgeon fishing from Martinez.


Phil Scimonelli is proud of his 5 lb rainbow trout.


 Carl Moyers Annual Fish Fry 2018


The SIR fishing group chartered this boat and caught these fine fish


Chuck Vanoncini caught this nice rainbow on the upper Sacramento River


Karl Droese, Ken Konzak, Lee Clark, Dick Thomson in back.  Paul Dubow and Carl Moyer in front.  All are happy with these fine salmon on a SIR charter.


Stan Wong, Joe Miscione, and Karl Droese, with Kokanee from Stampede


Pete Gates, and Paul Dubow got these kokanee salmon from Lake Pardee.


30 SIRs ate their fill at Carl Moyers spring backyard fish fry. 2018


Seven happy SIRs caught these fine fish on a guided trip to Lake Don Pedro.


Carl Moyer with Salmon fishing from Half Moon Bay 2017


Trout caught at Lake Alminor by SIR fishermen, 2017


Thom Watkins caught this fine trout at San Pablo Reservoir



Raleigh Davis got these huge rock fish in Alaska.




Carl Moyer, Terry Miller, and Bob Stein caught this beautiful limit of trout at San Pablo Reservoir.   5-2017


Alex Go caught this big crappie and many more at Clear Lake   5-2017


Carl Moyer got these nice trout from San Pablo Reservoir.


Gordon Linebaugh and Terry Hatcher caught these trout and a catfish fishing with Carl Moyer.

Carl Moyer’s Annual Backyard Fish Fry – 2018

 Carl Moyer’s Fish Fry 2017

This fine group of SIRs enjoyed a feast at Carl Moyer’s fall fish fry. 2016

Happy and full fishermen after Carl Moyer’s spring back yard fish fry. 2015  

  DSCN0246Fishermen enjoyed Carl Moyer’s backyard fall fish fry- 2014



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