Fishing – Area 16


4th Thursday January to October
3rd Thursday November and December 

Next meeting will be through ZOOM on Thursday July 22nd.

Meeting starts at 8:30am, come early. 

All SIR members and guests are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to participate in fishing trips as well as attend the monthly meetings.  

Contacts are Ron Lew 925-550-4166 and Carl Moyer 925-685-5243.   
Next meeting will be through ZOOM on Thursday July 22nd at 8:30am.

Our local trout season has ended. As the water in our local
lakes warms, catfish are planted instead of trout, and so we must venture into the piney woods for trout now. But, Gordon Linebaugh, Brion Beetz, Phil Scimonelli, and Carl Moyer managed to catch a few from San Pablo Reservoir. Pete Gates organized a venture to Don Pedro lake where he, Phil Scimonelli, Paul Dubow, Gordon Linebaugh, Jack Wadell, and Karl Droesse caught trout, kokanee, and king salmon. Brion Beetz went
to Colorado to catch a Splake trout, part m lake, part speckled (brook) trout from shore.
Tom Kostik went to Pinecrest lake and caught many trout and bass. Ben LaSala caught trout from Lake Berryessa and Comanche. Ken Bellinder caught smallmouth bass from
Berryessa. Carl Moyer and Brion Beetz captured rockfish on the big water. Bob Stein, Brion, Carl, Gordon Linebaugh, Stan Wong, and Lee Clark got halibut and stripers from the bay on party boats. Stan Wong and Brion Beetz went to Tomales Bay to dig up limits of delicious cherrystone clams. Tom Kostik, Ken Bellinder, Terry Miller, Dick Thomson, caught stripers and sturgeon in the delta. Pedro Contreras flew to Hawaii for some
delectable ono (wahoo.) We will be holding our annual auction in July. Lots of bargains.
Bring your unused rods, reels, and gear. Because our activity happens outdoors, we have been able to pursue our passion, observing all the COVID limitations. But we had our last
meeting at Legends restaurant in Bay Point, and will be able to resume meeting there in the future 

Contacts are Ron Lew 925-550-4166 and Carl Moyer 925-685-5243. 

George Vogt caught this fine Ling Cod on a SIR fishing group outing. 
Stan Wong is in the Background.

Jack Waddell, Paul Dubow, Karl Droese, Dick Thomson,
Gordon Linebaugh,
and Lee Clark are happy with this salmon catch.

Mario Moratorio, who is leaving SIR for southern California,
caught this nice black bass in the delta.
We will miss you, Mario.




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Carl Moyer’s Annual Backyard Fish Fry-2019


Ron Lew caught this starry flounder in the delta

  DSCN0246Fishermen enjoyed Carl Moyer’s backyard fall fish fry- 2014



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