Fishing – Area 16


4th Thursday, January to October
3rd Thursday for November and December 

Next meeting will be at The Legends restaurant
at the Diablo Creek Golf Course
on Port Chicago Highway and Highway 4
Thursday, June 23rd

               The meeting starts at 8:30 am, come early. 

All SIR members and guests are welcome and indeed encouraged, to participate in fishing trips as well as attend the monthly meetings.  

          Contacts are Bob Lively 925-383-5193 and
Carl Moyer 925-685-5243.

Salmon season on the ocean was closed from June 1st to June 23rd this year.  And the ocean had very low temperatures causing the rockfish to hunker down and not eat.  As a result, all of us focused on the bay and halibut.  The bay responded in great form, and many, many halibut have been killed and eaten.  We SIR fishermen have caught more than our share.

Meanwhile, our local lakes have warmed to the point that no more trout are planted, and we trout fishermen have had to travel to the mountain and foothill ponds.  Stan Wong worked Lake Alamanor for a few nice-sized rainbows.  Steve Dyer did manage to get two nice rainbows from the shore at Lake Del Valle.  Ray Pixton got trout in the high sierras.  AND before the salmon closure, Brion Beetz, Bob Stein, Brad Hatcher, Dave Havlik, Phil Scimonelli, and Carl Moyer managed to get limits of salmon to 25 pounds (Brad.)  Meanwhile, upriver, Ernie Wong has caught and released nearly 200 shad with his fly rod!  Then Mike Corker, Tom Kostik, and Ken Bellender wrestled a few black bass from the delta.  Ken, Carl Moyer, and Brion Beetz did get some tasty rockfish on a private trip.  The future looks promising for salmon and rockfish on the ocean.  Hopefully our lakes will not disappear in the drought, and we can get catfish locally, and trout in the piney woods.  Come join us! 

Carl Moyer, Phil Scimonelli, Lee Clark, Bob Stein, Dave Havlik, and Brion Beets were proud of this salmon limit

Another successful SIR fishing group excursion.. Halibut from the bay

SIR Fizsh Fry 2022 at Carl Moters homeCarl Moyers Annual Fish Fry, 2022

Carl Moyers Annual Fish Fry 2021

SIR Fish – This rainbow trout caught by Brion Beetz was almost 6 lbs.

SIR Fish – Martin Steinpress caught this nice rainbow on a fly.

SIR Fishing trip Summer 2021

George Vogt caught this fine Ling Cod on a SIR fishing group outing. 
Stan Wong is in the Background.

Jack Waddell, Paul Dubow, Karl Droese, Dick Thomson,
Gordon Linebaugh,
and Lee Clark are happy with this salmon catch.

Mario Moratorio, who is leaving SIR for southern California,
caught this nice black bass in the delta.
We will miss you, Mario.


Carl Moyer’s Annual Backyard Fish Fry-2019


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