Woodpeckers’ Article for the July 2023 Hotline

The June meeting was not quite as project-busy as last month.

The guys helped Roger Lamm finish his kitchen cabinet remodel.

Thom gave a lesson on pocket-hole joinery using the Kreg pocket-hole jig. Jackie Kaneshiro chipped in with tips as well, as he also owns a Kreg jig and has experience using it.

Thom used pocket holes to assemble the base for his new kitchen table project (see photos).

Roger brought some trivets and artworks constructed using wine corks that occupied his and Eveline’s (his bride) covid lockdown time. He gave some of his creations to the guys along with some corks so OK, I will give it to you that corkworkingis not exactly woodworking in the traditional sense; but cork does come from trees, so technically there is a tie-in.

Jackie brought a laptop that he donated to Woodpeckers to be used as the controller for the CNC machine.

We finished the day with Brats & Beer and non-woodworking conversation.

Remember: Life Is Wood.

See you next month.

Thom Watkins

Chairman, woodpeckers


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Woodpeckers’ Article for the June 2023 Hotline
At the May meeting Thom announced plans for the future for
Woodworkers activity (more on that later).
First, the guys chipped in with labor and advice in helping Roger
with his finishing up with a kitchen cabinet remodel. There was
the usual cutting, drilling, screwing, gluing, and sanding…along
with the usual “friends for life” conversations.
Sidebar about the “friends for life” thing. One of the aspects about
Woodworkers that makes this activity special is that the guys
really like and respect one another i.e., real friends. And the fact
that we incorporate the spouses into some of our events adds to
the Woodpeckers’ culture.
Woodpeckers Will Enter a New Phase of Woodworking!
While we gathered around with snacks and hot chocolate, I
announced that the workshop will be soon acquiring a CNC
Router Machine. Some of you may know what a CNC machine is;
for those of you who do not, CNC stands for Computer
Numerically Controlled. The machine can do wondrous things
(“Google” it). For the past year, I have been doing research via
books, the internet, and talking with CNC machine operators
(there are two CNC machines at De La Salle High School (which I
have an affiliation). I discussed with the guys the opportunity for
us to learn how to do these “wondrous things” together. There
was a great level of excitement within the group about this
impending opportunity. Of course, you know I’m excited.
So SIR membership, stay tuned as you may one day see some of
the “wondrous creations” at a future Luncheon.
Thom Watkins
Chairman, Woodpeckers
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Woodpeckers’ Article for the May 2023 Hotline

The April Woodpeckers’ Meeting consisted of a grand total of two of the members: Bob Wheaton and me. The other regulars had coincidental commitments.

However, despite the lack of bodies, the “Bob and Thom Duet” soldiered on and produced a sandwich board that had been requested by the 18-hole Activity.

The construction of the sandwich board required the use of “pocket-hole joinery” for the assembly and “dadoes” for the insertion of the sign’s panel – both were newly-learned skills for Bob.

The sign turned out to be rather large as the design required it to be able to accommodate a 24-inch by 36-inch poster. (see photo)

Bill Koski accepted it on behalf of the Golfing Activity. (see photo)

Thom Watkins

Chairman, Woodpeckers



Do you want to design and build wood items for personal use?  Would you like to repair items that have broken or need attention?

The SIR Woodpeckers are members who can help you.  They are a group that designs, builds, and repairs primarily wood objects that are used in your home or yard.  Activity members may work individually or collectively on projects.  The Woodpeckers provide a great source of information, and bring their woodworking expertise to the monthly sessions.

This activity provides a safe environment where members can learn the use of power tools, hand tools, joinery, woodcarving, and finishing techniques.  Members share woodworking articles, websites, and related information.  They also have access to an extensive collection of books on woodworking.

The Woodpeckers meet monthly at the home of Thom Watkins, the Activity Chairman.  These sessions are on the first Saturday of the month, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, 213 Heartwood Drive, Oakley, CA 94561.  For more information, Thom can be reached at 925-330-3780 or “thomwat831@gmail.com”.

NOTE:  Items will NOT be sold or donated to organizations or other parties.  The created or repaired items will be for personal use only.