November 2022 Report

No cutting and sanding wood in October. The October Woodpeckers meeting was dedicated to assessment and planning. We sat around in a circle eating the cinnamon bread baked by Thom’s wife Paula and drinking hot chocolate.

We commenced the discussion on whether changing the date and/or time for the meetings would make it easier for the members. We subsequently decided to leave things as is.

Next, we went over the original purpose of the Woodpeckers activity. The following discussion centered around the question: “Is Woodpeckers meeting the needs of the members and could/should any changes be made.”  The consensus was that while no changes were necessary currently, periodic assessment of the activity is a must.

We then turned to planning future projects, both group and individual. Each of the members took a turn presenting his idea of a future group project and an individual project that he will start at the next meeting.

As usual, the meeting then morphed into non-woodworking discussions among the members. After a thorough consumption of the warm bread and hot chocolate, the assembly disassembled.

Thom Watkins
Chairman, Woodpeckers

updated 10/23/2022 by DLS

Do you want to design and build wood items for personal use?  Would you like to repair items that have broken or need attention?

The SIR Woodpeckers are members who can help you.  They are a group that designs, builds, and repairs primarily wood objects that are used in your home or yard.  Activity members may work individually or collectively on projects.  The Woodpeckers provide a great source of information, and bring their woodworking expertise to the monthly sessions.

This activity provides a safe environment where members can learn the use of power tools, hand tools, joinery, woodcarving, and finishing techniques.  Members share woodworking articles, websites, and related information.  They also have access to an extensive collection of books on woodworking.

The Woodpeckers meet monthly at the home of Thom Watkins, the Activity Chairman.  These sessions are on the first Saturday of the month, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, 213 Heartwood Drive, Oakley, CA 94561.  For more information, Thom can be reached at 925-330-3780 or “thomwat831@gmail.com”.

NOTE:  Items will NOT be sold or donated to organizations or other parties.  The created or repaired items will be for personal use only.