APRIL 2019
On Friday before Saturday’s meeting, Bob and Thom brought over the 6-foot dresser to the workshop so that it would be ready first thing Saturday morning.
(Photo #1).

On Saturday, we started by taking off the dresser top – no easy task. Bob’s feeling good about it.
(Photo #2)

Then the true dismantling and rearranging began. After more unscrewing, cutting, chiseling, and prying, the project is starting to take shape.
(Photo #3)

Then it was “clamps away” with sawing, gluing and screwing. In photo #4, you can see the clamps and Thom displaying the Titebond III glue that we will use throughout the project.
Photo #4

After deciding that was all we could accomplish without more materials, we spent some time on layout planning and finished off the day by taking a trip to Lowes and Home Depot to look at types of finishing materials.

We are anxious to start in again at the April meeting. We hope that more members will join in on the project. 
Thom Watkins

updated 3/28/2019 by DLS

Do you want to design and build wood items for personal use?  Would you like to repair items that have broken or need attention?

The SIR Woodpeckers are members who can help you.  They are a group that designs, builds, and repairs primarily wood objects that are used in your home or yard.  Activity members may work individually or collectively on projects.  The Woodpeckers provide a great source of information, and bring their woodworking expertise to the monthly sessions.

This activity provides a safe environment where members can learn the use of power tools, hand tools, joinery, woodcarving, and finishing techniques.  Members share woodworking articles, websites, and related information.  They also have access to an extensive collection of books on woodworking.

The Woodpeckers meet monthly at the home of Thom Watkins, the Activity Chairman.  These sessions are on the first Saturday of the month, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, 213 Heartwood Drive, Oakley, CA 94561.  For more information, Thom can be reached at 925-330-3780 or “thomwat831@gmail.com”.

NOTE:  Items will NOT be sold or donated to organizations or other parties.  The created or repaired items will be for personal use only.