Activity Chairman Committee Role

SIR Branch 8
Activity Coordinating Committee

What is The Activity Coordinating Committee ACC)?

The ACC Member:

  •  Is presently or has prior experience as an Activity Chairman or Co-Chairman
  •  Is Knowledgeable of the people and resources in Branch 8 to assist a New Activity Chairman, including the use of AMS and the “SIR Branch 8 Handbook for New Chairmen”   (Click here for handbook)
  • Functions as a resource  to assist the New Activity Chairman to be successful in running his Activity.  

The Four Primary Tasks of the ACC Member are:

  1. Establish a positive, personal relationship with New Activity Chairman:
  2. Help the New Activity Chairman to develop a plan to kick-off their Activity:
  3. Assist the New Activity Chairman in obtaining any resources required:
  4. Assist the New Activity Chairman in interacting with the leadership and structure of SIR Branch 8

Roadmap to being a Successful ACC Member:

Every New Activity Chairman will have a different level of experience with Branch 8 and with being in a leadership role, so the ACC Member should customize his approach to the unique needs of each New Activity Chairman.

Things to consider are:

  1. Work with the New Activity Chairman to agree on the role he needs an Advisor to play
  2. Help the New Activity Chairman establish goals and timeline for their Activity
  3. Act as an advisor to the New Activity Chairman and his Assistant Chairman to get their Activity up and running
  4. Stay in touch with the New Activity Chairman and be responsive to his needs
  5. After the New Activity Chairman is able to lead their Activity on his own, have a closing meeting to evaluate both your experiences.


SIR Branch 8 – Activity Coordinating Committee Member

Position Description – Roles and Responsibilities

Reports To

The Activity Coordinating Committee will report to Branch 8 Branch Executive Committee.

Job Overview

Provide direction, tools, encouragement & support (i.e. helping to update their webpage, using AMS, recruiting new members) to the Activity Chairman to help them be successful.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Send monthly email request to the Activity Chairmen for any update announcements re their activities.
  • Send monthly reminder email to Activity Chairmen to forward their Activity(S) articles to the Hotline Editors.
  • Create a monthly activity status report for BEC meetings and the ACC hotline article.
  • Maintain and publish Alphabetic Activity List.
  • Provide support for the development of new activities.
  • Coordinate sharing of activities with nearby Sir branches
  • Coordinate on-going Activity Chairman’s status meetings.


  • Computer proficiency.
  • Leadership experience.
  • Communication skills.
  • Organizational know-how.
  • People skills.
  • Collaboration talents.
  • Problem-solving abilities.



updated 04/25/23 – MLF