Book Exchange

Chairman Alan Curtis


                                                         Our mantra continues to be:
If you have read a book that you think your fellow SIRS would be interested in, bring it to the luncheon to add to our collection

The Book Exchange has two new members, Mike Anderson and Tom Keehn. Welcome to 0ur group! They join Rob Laaback, Ron Rizzo and me, Alan Curtis. I am the new Activity Chairman for the Book Exchange as of 1/1/20. At our luncheons, we usually receive lots of new books, both returned and new books. Plenty of good stuff available so be sure to stop by and pick up whatever you need for your reading enjoyment!

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions contact any member of the book exchange team: Chairman: Alan Curtis, .
Assistant Chairman: Ron Rizzo, 
Assistant Chairman: Rob Laaback,,
Assistant Chairman: Mike Anderson,
Assistant Chairman: Tom Keehn, ”


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