Let’s Dine In #1

Chairman: Ron Cassano
944-1238, casscpa@sbcglobal.net

 March 2017

Our dinner was hosted by the Kargs  on St. Patricks Day. Hooray, no corned beef and cabbage. Joe did his gourmet meatloaf.  Another great meal. Dine In #4 anyone? contact Ron Cassano if you are interested in starting it. The ladies love it.

 Ron Cassano



 2015 Activity Report Dine In #1
Chairman: Ron Cassano

 This is a couple’s activity. We meet every other month at a member’s home. The host provides a main dish and other members round out the dinner, with accompanying sides. We each add a favorite wine to be shared.  Sirs participating are:

Ron Cassano, Ed Benson, Stephen Deness, Joe Karg, Jim Lunn, Ron Smith and Jim Ripley.

3/2/2017 updated dls

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