Let’s Dine In #1

Dine In #1 to be hosted in June by Pat Eich with a Mexican Cinco de Mayo
theme. We have Moved our dinner date to Sat to avoid the awful Friday
commute traffic. Happy dining. More details to follow.
Ron Cassano, head eater

April report
The Bensons’ hosted a fabulous dinner. Boneless prime rib, Yorkshire
Pudding and twice baked potatoes. Smiths’ provided a classy creamed
spinach followed by Denesses’ refreshing arugula salad. Pat Eich
finished off with a grasshopper pie(forgot how good it is). Started
the evening with appetizers by Kargs’ and Cassano. The wine was top
notch. A good time was had by all. 
Head Eater Ron Cassano

updated 5/19/2019 by DLS

 This is a couples activity. We meet every other month at a member’s home. The host provides the main dish and other members round out the dinner with accompanying sides. We each bring a  wine to share. 

Contact Ron Cassano at  roncassano@gmail.com   if interested in starting a “dine in” group. 



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