Chairman: Rich Knowles
(925) 370-6239

This activity is listening to podcasts and then discussing them with your fellow podcast activity participants.  Each activity meeting has the general agenda of

  1. Discuss the podcast determined at the previous meeting
  2. Select the podcast for the next meeting

At the bottom of this page, I will be listing past and current podcasts discussed (or set for discussion at the next meeting).  So if you are just starting or missed a meeting you can see what the current podcast is.

To begin with, any type of podcast is acceptable.  We will discuss and if there is a consensus we will go with that.  If there does not seem to be consensus then the activity chair will decide what the next podcast will be.

Meetings will be at 4 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.  Requests for a different time or day will be considered.

If you are completely new to podcasts and need some training in how to find them the activity chair will be happy to assist.

It is suggested when attending the meeting you have access to two devices – one for the Zoom meeting and a separate one that you use to listen to podcasts.  It is only a suggestion, not a requirement.

A person is assigned to decide what podcast(s) we will listen to and discuss at each meeting, and that person will be the leader for that session.  Assignments are:

3/23/2021 Nick Maule
4/13/2021 Jamshed 
4/27/2021 Ron Rizzo
5/11/2021 Rich Knowles
6/8/2021 Hans Pable
6/22/2021 Ron Cassano

Following is the history of podcasts for this activity:

April 27 Bag Man, a 7 part series presented by Rachel Maddow.  It is about Spiro Agnew. It can be subscribed to in your podcast player if you search for Bag Man within the podcast player.  We will be discussing the entire series of 7 episodes.  In total the series is about 3.5 hours, so start early.

April 13 two past podcasts from History Extra Podcast

Mar 20 What happened to the Franklin Expedition

Mar 17 How our hunger for land shaped history

March 23 two past podcasts from Hidden Brain

        Feb 8   How They See Us

        Feb 2  Creating God

March 9 podcasts from TED Talks Daily for Feb 8 through 22:

          Feb   8 A concrete idea to reduce carbon emissions
         Feb   9 The promise of quantum computers
          Feb 10 Community-powered solutions to the climate crisis
          Feb 11 Technology can’t fix inequality – but training and opportunities could
          Feb 12 The hidden history found in your teeth
          Feb 15 The political power of being a good neighbor
          Feb 16 I let algorithms randomize my life for two years
          Feb 17 How theater weathers wars, outlasts empires and survives pandemics
          Feb 18 How technology has changed what it’s like to be deaf
          Feb 19 The US is back in the Paris Agreement. What’s next?
          Feb 22 You don’t need aliens to make history interesting

Feb 9  American History Tellers  Political Parties: Jacksonian Democracy (episode 2 of Political Parties)