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1pm to 3pm. First Wednesday and the Third Tuesday of each month
 Round Table Pizza  1938 Oak Park BlvdPleasant Hill

Come early and enjoy lunch with the guys.   Lively conversation, good selection of food at a “senior rate” or about 1/4 the cost of our Hilton Hotel lunch.

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2018 Fall Cribbage Tournament

We had our Fall Tournament on Friday November 30th with 16 participants 
The top four places of the 16 Player Double Elimination Game are:

#1-Don Atwater ( Champion )
#2-Ray deWit
#3-Dan Franklin
#4-Stan Johnson

The Bonus payout went to Ray deWit with the top hand of 24pts


2018 Fall Cribbage Tournament   L/R Don Atwater, Ray de Wit, Ron Draper


Game for 2nd place won by Ray  de Wit over Dan Franklin


Game for 4th place won by Stan Johnson over Terry Mason


2018 Fall Cribbage Tournament


2018 Fall Cribbage Tournament


2018 Fall Cribbage Double Elimination Tournament Chart


2018 Fall Cribbage Tournament payouts



2018 December Results  

December 5th – Game Cancelled        December 18th– There were 12 players

1st Place                                pts.                 1st Place  Rob Laaback   174 pts.   2nd Place                               pts.               2nd Place  Bob Beitler  160 pts
3rd Place                               pts.                3rd Place  Bud Grisanti  147 pts 4th Place                               pts.                4th Place  Stan Johnson  124 pts

                                                                   Larry Mersmann won the bonus                                                                     with the 20 pt hand


2018 November Results

November 7th -16 players                    November 20th– 10 players

1st Place Dan Franklin 188 pts.            1st Place  Terry Mason 224 pts2nd Place Bob Beitler 182 pts.           2nd Place Jim Rosenquist 195 pts3rd Place Rob Laaback 172 pts.           3rd Place Jerry Ward 192 pts.
4th Place Steve Bishop 159 pts.          4th Place Tom Philipps 191pts.

 Dan Franklin won the bonus                Steve Strobel won the bonus   with the 24 pt hand                                         with the 24 pt hand

 2018 September  Results

September 5th There were 16 players     September 18nd- There were 9 players

1st  Stan Johnson 225 pts.                             1st Place  Dennis Mierzwa 297 pts.
2nd Rod Laaback 187 pts.                              2nd Place Terry Mason 149 pts.
3rd  Steve Strobel 183 pts.                            3rd Place Rich Mohr 129 pts
4th Joe Maurino
 183 pts.                              4th Place  Steve Bishop 100 pts

Steve and Joe were tied. Deck cut              Starting with this game a bonus            determined 3rd and 4th place                               of $1.00 to the highest point hand                                                                                          excluding the Cribb of 20 pts or                                                                                             betterf to the $1.00 participants.

                                                                               Joe Maurino was the first one to win                                                                                   the bonus with a 20 pt. hand.

2018 August Results

August 1st There were 17 players                August 21st – There were 15 players

1st  Jim Rosenquist 233 pts.                           1st Place  Steve Bishop 200 pts.
2nd Dan Smith 192 pts.                                    2nd Place Don Atwater 192 pts.
3rd  George Schultz 183 pts.                           3rd Place Ray de Wit 173 pts
4th  Steve Bishop 182 pts.                               4th Place  Joe Maurino 173 pts

                                                                                   Joe and Ray were tied. Deck  cut                                                                                                           determined 3rd and 4th places                                                                    

                                               2018 July Results                                                      

July 4th No Game                                      July 17th – There were 10 players

1st Place  Cancelled                                   1st Place Jerry Ward 268pts.
2nd Place   Cancelled                                 2nd Place Terry Mason 247 pts.
3rd    Place Cancelled                                  3rd Place Stan Johnson 196 pts.
4th    Place Cancelled                                  4th Place  *Rob Laaback 127 pt
                                                                         4th Place Ray Nummi 127
                                                           *Rob Laaback wins on card cut



                                                   2018 June Results                                                         

June 6th–There were 17 players                    June 19th– There were 8 players

1st Place Joe Maurino 206 pts.                          1st Place  Don Atwater  214 pts.
2nd Place Stan Johnson 188 pts.                       2nd Place Joe Maurino 160 pts.
3rd Place Don Atwater 167 pts.                         3rd Place Terry Mason 144 pts.
4th Place Jerry Ward  159 pts.                           4th Place Dan Franklin 127 pts


May 2018 Cribbage Tournament

We had a 16-player Double Elimination Cribbage Tournament on Friday May 18th at the Round Table Pizza in Pleasant Hill.   Everyone seemed to have fun. The tournament itself went pretty smoothly. I want thank Dan Smith for his assistance and Rob Laaback for attending in case we had a no show.

The end result of the tournament was four winners:

It came down to Terry Mason who led in the winner’s bracket and Dan Franklin who led in the loser’s bracket to determine first and second place. Scenario #1   If Terry wins the game he’s in first place and Dan is in second place. Scenario #2 Dan must beat Terry twice to win first place. Dan pulled out his magic and won both games making him the CHAMPION.   

Congratulations to Dan Franklin Champion and Terry Mason, Runner-up,   The other two winners are: 3rd place Ray Nummi and 4th place Dennis Mierzwa.

Thanks to all the participants and hopefully we’ll have another tournament in the fall.

Ron Draper, Chairman

                                2018 May Results                                       
May 2nd –There were 17 players                   May 15th– There were 12 players

1st Place Terry Mason 264 pts.                          1st Place  Ron Draper  295 pts.
2nd Place Rob Laaback 180 pts.                         2nd Place Dan Smith 175 pts.
3rd Place Jerry Ward 159 pts.                            3rd Place Dennis Mierzwa 156 pts.
4th Place Steve Strobel  153 pts.                       4th Place Rich Mohr 134 pts

We welcome Ray de Wit to our Cribbage group. He came in 4th place money wise.

                                                     2018 April Results                                                          April 4th –There were 14 players                April 17th– There were 12 players

1st Place Dan Smith 183 pts.                          1st Place  Dan Smith  219 pts.
2nd Place Bud Grisanti 162 pts.                      2nd Place Steve Strobel 172 pts.
3rd Place Joe Maurino 152 pts.                      3rd Place Joe Anthony 166 pts.
4th Place Dennis Mierzwa 152 pts.               4th Place Steve Bishop 158 pts.

Joe Maurino and Dennis Mierzwa Tied with 152 pts. Cut of the cards determined their winning position.

                                                     2018 March Results                                                          March 7th –There were 15 players        March 20th– There were 12 players 

1st Place Steve Bishop 303 pts.                 1st Place  Joe Maurino 303 Pts.
2nd Place Dan Smith 176 pts.                     2nd Place Dennis Mierzwa 178 pts.
3rd Place Stan Johnson 163 pts.                3rd Place Dan Smith 175  pts.
4th Place Terry Mason 153 pts.                 4th Place Terry Mason  169pts                                                                         

                                               2018 February Results                                                          February 7th –There were 16 players     February 20th– There were 14 players

1st Place Bud Grisanti 259 pts.                 1st Place  Jim Rosenquist 243 Pts.
2nd Place Dan Smith 231 pts.                    2nd Place Ray Nummi  241pts.
3rd Place Steve Bishop 179pts.                 3rd Place Joe Anthony 234 pts.
4th Place Steve Strobel 170 pts.               4th Place Dennis Mierzwqa 203 pts.


                                                 2018 January Results                                                          January 3rd –There were 10 players     January 16th– There were 10 players

1st Place Dennis Mierzwa 176 pts.                 1st Place  Ron Draper 249 Pts.
2nd Place Ray Nummi 151 pts.                        2nd Place Joe Anthony 224 pts.
3rd Place Don Atwater  150pts.                      3rd Place Steve Bishop 188 pts.
4th Place Bud Grisanti 146 pts.                      4th Place Joe Maurino 183 pts.


 High score for 2018 – Steve Bishop & Joe Maurino 303
High score for 2017 – Dan Smith 278  

Perfect hand been dealt once in a SIR Branch 8 game.

Steve Strobel & Dan Franklin at 2018 Spring Tournament

Jim Rosenquist & Terry Mason at 2018 Spring Tournament 

Dan Smith scoring at 2018 Spring Tournament

February 2018

February 2018

August 2017 gathering of Sirs for Cribbage         

Following three photos were taken FebruaAugust 2017 gathering of ry 1, 2017 at the Cribbage game – Straw Hat Pizza in Pleasant Hill.  SIR Pmembers were: Jerry Ward, George Schulze, Don Atwater, Larry Mersmann, TerryMason, Ron Draper, Jim Rosenquist, Steve Strobel, Bud Grianti, Steve Bishop, Ray Nummi, Rich Mohr, Dan Smith, Dennis Mierzwa



Cribbage, January 2016

Cribbage, January 2016


  Chairman, Ron Draper  – Email: 
Assistant Chairman, Dan Smith – Email:          


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