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The Cribbage Group meets on the First Wednesday and the Third Tuesday of each month. We meet at Round Table Pizza located at 1938 Oak Park Blvd. in Pleasant Hill. Hours of play are 1pm to 3pm. Please join us if you have played Cribbage or would like to learn the game.


Sept 1st – There were 11 players        Sept 21st – There were 11 players

1st Place Terry Mason  183 pts.              1st Place Don Atwater 187 pts.   

2nd Place Dan Smith 177pts.                   2nd Place Ron Draper 129 pts. 

3rd Place Don Atwater 168pts.               3rd Place Rod Spicer 126 pts.

4th Place Bud Grisanti 154pts.                4th Place Bud Grisanti 125 pts.

Terry Mason won the bonus with       Ron Draper won the bonus with the                                              the 21 pt hand.                                        24 pt hand


Our Internet games are played during
the first 15 days of each month.

Internet Cribbage continues with monthly Tournaments,  In September we had a first-place tie between Don Atwater and Ray de Wit.   In the playoff game, Ray bested Don to be the winner, 
Self-appointed internet director, Don Atwater 925-673-1669

Chairman, Ron Draper (
  Asst. Chairman, Dan Smith Email: 



                               2020 February Results 

 February 5th There were 11 players               February 18th There were 12 players

1st Place    Dan Smith 194 points                                1st Steve Bishop 321 points          2nd Place  Larry Mersmann  184 points                  2nd George Schulze 213 points    3rd Place  Don Atwater 182 points                            3rd  Dan Smith 179 points              4th Place  Terry Mason 141 points                           4th  Larry Mersmannn 175 pts             
Ron Draper won the bonus                                        George Schulze won the bonus
 with a 24 point hand.                                                   with a 20 point hand.     


                                2020 January  Results 

January 1st– No Game                                          January 21st- There were 10 players

1st Place                                                                1st Ron Draper 276 pts.
2nd Place                                                               2nd Place  Jerry Ward 219 pts. 
3rd Place                                                               3rd Place Rich VanTassel 150 pts.
4th Place                                                               4th Place Steve Bishop 143 pts.

                                                                                    Ray deWit won the bonus 
                                                                                    with the 20 pt hand.     




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