18 Hole Golf


Chairman: David Platter
925-283-9146 golfplatter@Hotmail.Com

Golf is played at Boundary Oak and many courses in the area. To see a complete listing of the courses, make a tee-time reservation, or for other golf information, click on the appropriate link in the menu on the right-hand side.

Golf Committee Members:

Chairman – David Platter
Membership / Handicaps / Data – Buddy May
Treasurer – David Green
Special Tournaments – Frank Bosworth
Golf Course Manager – Don Dennler
Marshals Director – Stan Johnson
Communications Director – Bill Koski
Advisor – Mike Hennessy
Website Coordinator – Buddy May

18 Hole Golf June 2023 
The weather has finally imoroved and our participation is showing it. 
On May 15 we had 22 players. David Platter must enjoy the good weather as he shot a Gross 81 ( 11 shots below his age, which calculated to a net score of 59 Closest to the pin on number 2 was also hotly contested. 3 of our golfers were within 3 feet of the pin Jim Smrha hit his tee shot 2 feet and 2 inches from the pin and of course sunk the putt for a Birdie. Our 4-club tournament was played on May 22. This brought out 25 players. The results will be posted in our July Hotline. Our June Tournament will be a 4 Man Shamble on June 19th. 4-man teams will all move their ball to the best drive and each player will then play their own ball into the hole. Record net score for each player on every hole. Cross out the worst score on each hole. Add the remaining 3 scores together on each hole and then add all 18 holes together for a total team net score. Can we get 28 players for this event? The challenge is out!! 
18 Hole Golf May 2023 
Our first Branch 8 Tournament was held on April 17. This was a match play in group Tournament. It was a great success with 5 full foursomes. The competition was fierce with the winning margin ranging from ½ hole to 2 holes won more than 2nd place in each foursome.
Here are the winners:
Foursome 1, Steve Burrows.
Foursome 2, David Green.
Foursome 3 Frank Bosworth.
Foursome 4 BuckCheshire.
Foursome 5, Ray De Wit.
Congratulations to the winners. May 22nd will be our next Branch 8 Tournament. This is a 4 club only individual Stroke Play. Individual players may choose only a maximum of 4 clubs to use throughout the entire 18-hole normal stroke play. Players may not carry any clubs other than the clubs chosen to play. This will be a very interesting tournament. May 11 there will be a Match Play, Branch 8 against Discovery Bay, Branch 161. This will be held at Diablo Creek. Both Branches will bring 16 players for a total of 32 players. 
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