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SIR Branch 8 Policies & Procedures – BEC Approved on October 12, 2022

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SIR Branch 8 Policies and Procedures 10-10-2022

All activities arranged for or by, or sponsored by, Sons In Retirement, Incorporated, and its Branches are for the convenience and pleasure of the members and their guests who desire to participate.  Sons In Retirement Inc. and its Branches do not assume any responsibility for the well-being or safety of the participants, or their property, in any matters pertaining to said activities.

NEW ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER OR E-MAIL If you change any of your contact information, please notify Dennis Mierzwa at If you need a new member’s email address (or phone number), please also contact Dennis.

 Dennis Mierzwa    (925) 938-5343  

E-MAIL FOR ABSENCES AND GUESTS Emails sent to  for excused absences will be confirmed with a ‘Reply’ it was received.  Messages sent to personal email accounts will not be answered.

If a ‘Reply’ confirming receipt of the email is not received, it is the member’s responsibility to follow up and ensure it was sent to the correct address.  Either resend the email or call the attendance number at 925-901-4826 by WEDNESDAY noon prior to the meeting.

Please note calls to the telephone number will not be automatically returned since the greeting message confirms the correct number was reached.

Please bring a guest, but if you want to be sure your guest has a place to sit and gets a meal, you need to :

Call the attendance hotline: 925-901-4826
or send a message by e-mail 
no later than noon on Wednesday before the meeting.

Then the Attendance Secretary can adjust his count for the caterer.

Updated 10/14/2022