2016-07-17 L Lange

Chairman: Larry Lange


In January and February we reviewed the various telescopes currently in use and those planned for the future and then examined the challenges of space travel.  In March our subject will be an important part of space:  Dark Energy and Dark Matter.  Our meeting will be held immediately after lunch at the Hilton.  All are welcome.


 Larry Lange, Chairman  254-6281
Leary Wong, Asst. Chairman 457-0807

2015 History Report

Link to Course on Dark Matter and Dark Energy

 A Brief Description of Dark Matter

A good question!….answered


Time Dilation (8 min.) – background for 03/09/2015 Meeting

How Stars Shine(2 min)

What is Gravity? Newton vs. Einstein (7 min)

A Brief (12 min) Description of Kepler’s Laws:


About the Particle Properties of Light:The Wave/Particle Double Split Experiment Explained:


On Photons and Relativity:

The Photon and Light as a Particle:


To review the announcement 0n evidence of cosmic inflation and gravitational waves click on Big Discovery. For background information also click on the links at the end of the article. ..also a video lecture on the Celestial Sphere

Activity Costs:

For regular meetings – little or no cost.  For field trips – each participant pays the related admission and docent charges as well as food and other related costs and also provides their own transportation.

updated  3/16/2017 wkh


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