Internet Games

Internet Games for Sirs and  partners  
Many learned to work from home, let’s learn to play from home 

New games may be started and that is where I hope to help interested members to connect with one another as well as find links.  So let me know of your interest and I’ll start making a list to which other Sirs and partners can refer.

Internet Games is an activity for SIR members and partners.  This is an activity to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or wherever you have an internet connection.   Currently, Cribbage and Mexican Train are monthly activities however, we are looking for additional games to be offered.   Please contact Chairman Don and let him know of your interests.


Internet Cribbage is played as a two-man game during the first 2 weeks of the month.   We connect on a good Cribbage Internet site that deals the cards and counts the points.

2022 Cribbage Tournament winners
January =Dan Weller
February = Stan Johnson
March = Don Atwater
April = Don Atwater
May= Ray de Wit & Stan Johnson
June = Ray de Wit
July = Stan Johnson & Ray de Wit
August = Stan Johnson
September =Dan Weller
October = Dennis Mierzwa
November = Danny Rinaldi, Dan Weller & Stan Johnson
December = 

High scores/Achievements for the year (2022)
14 Pegging – Don, Stan
28 Hand – Stan
24 Crib – Danny, Don, Stan
40 Total Points – Dennis, Danny
54 Total Points 2 players- Stan, Danny
 4 Skunks in 1 month – Don, Ray
65 Largest differences in a game – Ray & Danny



Mexican Train – We have had at least 4 players and often more as these games, are played twice a  month.   Thanks to Dan Rinaldi, his Zoom account allows us to chat while playing.  Internet Mexican Train is played on the first and third Friday of each month at 1:00 p.m.   We communicate by zoom thanks to Dan Rinaldi,  

2022 Mexican Train Winners

January = Terry Norton, Stan Johnson
February = Don Atwater, Danny Rinaldi 
March = Danny Rinaldi
April = Terry Newton, Don Atwater
May = Stan Johnson
June = Tie – Stan Johnson & Don Atwater,  Danny Rinaldi
July = Danny Rinaldi
August = Stan Johnson, Don Atwater
September = Terry Norton
October = Don Atwater {2}
November = Don Atwater, Danny Rinaldi
December = 



Chairman: Don Atwater, 925-673-1669      
Asst. Chair: Danny Rinaldi 925-825-0519 


updated 11/19/2022 dda