Internet Games


Internet Games
for Sirs and partners

Many learned to work from home, let’s learn to play games from home 

Internet Games is an activity you can enjoy wherever you have an internet connection.  But instead of playing against the computer, here you get to play against SIR friends.  New games may be started and that is where it is hoped we will help interested members to connect as well as find links.  So let Chairman Don know of your interest and perhaps others will be found for the game.

Mexican Train – Currently, we play Mexican Train on the 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month with games starting at 1:00 p.m.   Thanks to Danny Rinaldi, our connection is via Zoom to razzle our competitors while playing on a site reserved just for us.

Cribbage – Each month we have a Cribbage tournament where competitors play each other on an internet site while conversing on the phone with one another.   Internet Cribbage is played as a two-man game during the first 2 weeks of the month.   We connect on a good Cribbage Internet site that deals with the cards and counts the points.

Come join us for these games or perhaps suggest a new game for this internet connection.

Chairman Don Atwater 925-673-1669
Asst. Chair: Dan Rinaldi 925-825-0519,  


2024 Winners             Cribbage                                 Mexican Train

January                         Don Atwater                         Don  Atwater      

February                      Ray de Wit                             Danny Rinaldi & Terry Norton

March          Dennis Mierzwa & Ray de Wit        Rob English & Danny Rinaldi

April                             Ray de Wit                               Terry Norton & Danny Rinaldi

May                              Stan Johnson                          Don Atwater & Stan Johnson









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