Bargain wines




The pandemic may have closed us down for a while, but Bargain Wines is open for business in 2023.

 Our particular venue for Bargain Wines is ad hoc and unlike most other SIR activities with either weekly or monthly meetings our events are held only 3-4 times during the year. We are, however, a co-ed activity with partners and guests most welcome!

History: SIR Bargain Wines began in 2010. The concept is simple. We attempt to find a nice bottle of wine at a decent price from local stores known for recurring sales or bargain prices. Using the Branch 8 database a roster of Bargain Wine members is maintained in order to email notification of dates and times of planned tasting events. Reservations are taken on a first come basis and the two chairpersons purchase the wines for tasting. Members have also been known to offer suggestions of their favorites.

Be sure to bring a guest as we find our venue is an effective way to introduce prospective members to the SIR family-who does not like to eat and drink! We taste and evaluate/rate the selections of both red and white wines and publish our findings. Results are shared electronically with event attendees and via the Hotline with the entire membership so anyone wishing to take a chance on our selections has access.

As our name implies, we do look for bargains and currently attempt to keep the price per bottle at $9.99 or less. The cost for our tasting events is normally approximately $15 per person to taste ten selections. As with a winery we will provide crackers/bread sticks to help with palate cleansing between tastings. Our objective is to find you a weekday wine. Often, we have dinner following the tasting event and will usually include our unfinished wines (depending on the number of 2nd &  3rd tastings)  with individuals/couples ordering off the menu and separate checks.

At least one tasting may be at a local winery which may mean we need to go a bit upscale, $$,  in the cost of tasting.

Chairman, Dennis Mierzwa,

Assistant Chairmen, Bill Koski,



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