Bargain wines


Chairman: Jim Warner

Dinner and tasting at Magoo’s, Feb 17, 2016

The end of 2015 brought a change in Chairman with SIR Jim Warner taking over.  The legendary Ed Benson will now be leaned upon heavily as an assistant.

For Feb. 2016 our members will taste and evaluate approximately 10 wines from the BeMo five cent sale.  Tasting will be at Magoo’s Grill in Pleasant Hill.  Upon completion of this tasting, all wines left will be served with a special buffet Prime Rib dinner.

Bargain Wines price point is $10 or lower and we try to coincide meetings (tastings)with special sales from local stores.  Results are published for the entire SIR family so anyone that wishes to take a chance on our ratings has access.  The current count of members is now 59, and although it is mostly couples, single Sirs are welcome.

Please contact either Head Wino Jim Warner ( or assistant  Ed Benson ( with any questions or comments.

2015 History Report

Updated 01/20/16 BB

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