Report for September Hotline

Do you remember the song by Elvis Presley “Such a night?” a line: “Oh what a night it was it really was!” we experienced last night at the Hughes Seventeen Piece private home Band Concert. We had food, refreshments, lovely Joan Hughes singing her heart out to us, and I believe no one missed a beat.
At one time, we had Ten couples out on the dance floor. Even my shy, introverted self was out there dancing! It was a beautiful night with lights strung around the patio with plenty of seating way back on a beautiful green lawn facing the band. We enjoyed an excellent sound system also.
In total from all attendees, SIR’S and non-SIR’S; the DanSIRS Committee under the Chairs, Russ Anderson and John Sutton raised around $500.00 for the Band Members who have day jobs all around the county. They do their jobs and afterward, drive to the venue through the terrible traffic nowadays to give their time and talent to the audience for tips! I was proud of the “Class” the Branch 8 SIR’S and their sweethearts showed with their contributions and attendance.
We are in negotiation for this band to join us for the December Ladies Day  Christmas Luncheon @ the Hilton. Stay tuned Chairman Frank Killar is on it, and so am I. We’ll let you know soon! If it happens, don’t miss it, “The Night Band” musicians are just that good!
Tony de Losada
updated 8/25/19  dls