Bocce Ball League Play

SIR league play Bocce Ball is currently awaiting information from the Concord Bocce Federation regarding season 2022 play. The rules regarding COVID behaviors will accompany the federation’s plans for this year’s program.

As soon as I have the sign-up instructions for our participation I will outline procedures for inclusion in the “Sir Bocce” team members. Since the team sizes are limited, previous members will first be asked if they plan to continue. Their responses will dictate the number of player positions available to BR8 Sirs interested in playing. I will make that information available as soon as we know.

The BR8 Bocce players thank Bob Barnes for his long time support for this activity. His flexibility and knowledge in delivering this totally fun activity to Branch 8 members has provided thousands of enjoyable hours of play and friendships for our Sir’s members. Thanks a bunch Bob.

More on League Play as soon as we have the info.

Chairman: Chick Lowry

Assistant Chairman: Danny Rinaldi


Click here to display the latest CBF league scores and rankings.


Updated 01/25/2022 dda

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