Bocce Ball League Play


Bocce League Play 

Chairman Bob Barnes

Chairman: Bob Barnes
Assistant Chairman: Danny Rinaldi

Bob Barnes: 925-686-0106


Baldwin Park in Concord

The Concord Bocce Federation league plays in Newhall Park and Baldwin Park which are located in Concord. The League plays from May till September in both parks. Our team plays in Baldwin Park which is located off Port Chicago Highway near Willow Pass Rd. The courts are available year-round. During the May – September (League play), the courts are available in the morning. If you wish to play Bocce Ball in the morning, then check in at the Senior Center which is located in Baldwin Park. The Bocce Ball courts are in the middle of the park (behind the bathrooms) and opposite the Senior Center.Pictures from Sir Branch 8 Bocce in 2010

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Sir Rick Grayson’s observations on “Learning Bocce”



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