Bocce Ball League Play

Bocce League Play July 2023   (last updated 06/25/23 by SM)
The Sir Bocce Team is progressing well as we acquire more practice and skill levels
increase. We have now played 18 games and are at 5 wins and 13 losses (28%) but
play is improving. New members Peter Shapiro, Jim Sowell, and Dennis Mierzwa are all
playing well. Ray Pixton is experienced and making an excellent contribution to the
teams efforts. Susan Weiss has been improving week to week while husband Bob has
not been able to contribute fully as he has not been able to play due to a health issue.
Laurie Barnes is an experienced player and makes great shots to support the team.
Husband Bob is recovering from a recent surgery and will contribute again as soon as
the doc says he can. Elaine and I keep applying as much ability as we can to keep the
team as competitive as possible. A terrific effort from everyone.
The latest games played as of this writing produced a two game win after we got a
severe upset in the first game of the evening. A 12 to 1 loss. Everyone rose to the need
for the recovering wins.
We will continue to improve as the week’s progress. The other teams in the league will
find it more difficult to win as we improve.
Chairman: Chick Lowry,
Asst. Chair: Bob Barnes
Bocce League Play June 2023
Sir bocce played their first games of the new season on May 9th, a delayed season opener as weather disrupted the scheduled start on the 2nd.
We were all available for the first play efforts. However, we struggled some, even with our completion of the Bocce 101 class we provided for the new members of the team. Some had never rolled a ball prior to the training class.
Needless to say, when challenged, new kids can find power in knowledge and two new team members, Peter Shapiro and Jim Sowell managed to execute a Casino (four points in a single game frame) resulting in our coming from behind to win game three of the evening. We had failed to deliver enough points in the previous two games resulting in two losses.
We kinda surprised the opposing team as they believed they were on the
way to a three game win that evening. Talk about rising to the challenge!
Our record to date is 1 and 2 as of completion of the first of the season games. Our standings will be posted on our web page as we continue through the 2023 season.
Go Sir Bocce!
Chairman: Chick Lowry,
Asst. Chair: Bob Barnes,
Last updated 05/25/23 by SM.

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