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Chairman: Bob Barnes
Assistant Chairman: Danny Rinaldi

Bob Barnes: 925-686-0106


Newhall Park – Open Play Season is active

Bocce Ball Open Play – Newhall Park Concord

The 2017 Bocce Ball Open season is in session. We begin play at 8:30 am and play on the Bocce courts in Newhall Park, Concord.  Newhall Park is located on Turtle Creek Rd. between Treat Blvd. and Ayers Rd. Play is open to all SIR members and partners. You do not require any knowledge of the game as we will show you how to play and explain the rules that govern the game of Bocce Ball.  We provide all the equipment (Bocce Balls and score boards). I organize whoever comes to play into teams. If you have any questions, please call the Activity Chairman.

This is the status as of May 8. We now have 12 Members who have participated.  Larry Jasmann is a new addition to our players this year. He is off to a very good start.

Top % => 15 Games











Winning %

Persson, Erland






Jasmann, Larry






1. We only play until 10:30 am and as a result some games may end early.
2. Whoever is ahead at 10:30 wins the game.     

Bob Barnes, Activity Chairman
Danny Rinaldi, Assistant Chairman

We play till the October time frame. It depends on the status of the weather (rain) and the condition of the courts (full of leaves).

Click here to display the latest scores and rankings.

Click here for 2015 Open History report


 Baldwin Park – League Play is active


So far, this year we have won 0 and lost 6.  Our first 2 nights were against last year’s number 1 and 2 teams. The first night we were skunked. The second night, we were competitive but just could not pull off a win.

The 2016 Concord Bocce Ball Federation (CBF) League season began on May 2, 2017 at Newhall Park and Baldwin Park courts in Concord. We (SIR Bocce team name) play Tuesday nights on the Baldwin Park courts which are located off Beach St. (near Port Chicago Highway and Bonifacio St.) Play is limited to 10 SIR members and/or partners and we have the requisite number.  You do not require any knowledge of the game as we will show you how to play and explain the rules that govern the game of Bocce Ball.  The CBF League provides all the equipment.  If you have any questions, please call me (Activity Chairman).

Bob Barnes, Activity Chairman
Danny Rinaldi. Assistant Activity Chairman

Click here to display the latest CBF league scores and rankings.

Winter League Seniors INDOOR Bocce

The Winter League Seniors INDOOR Bocce Season has now ended. This was a fun activity and plans are to enter another team next season! If you’re interested in playing with us, look for sign-ups to begin in early Fall. 
Chair:  Jim Whitsett 925-689-5493
Assistant Chair:  Stan U’Ren 925-676-6522

Click here for 2015 League History report

Updated 5/27/2017 dls

Pictures from Sir Branch 8 Bocce in 2010

Baldwin Park in Concord

The new Bocce Ball Courts in Baldwin Park, Concord have been built. Baldwin Park is located off Port Chicago Highway near Willow Pass Rd.  The courts are available year round.  During the May – Octobern (League play), the courts are available in the morning. If you wish to play Bocce Ball in the morning, then check in at the Senior Center. Baldwin Park contains the Concord Senior Center with available and paved parking. The Bocce Ball courts are in the middle of the park (behind the bathrooms) and opposite the Senior Center.


Sir Rick Grayson’s observations on “Learning Bocce”



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