Car Enthusiasts

 Car Enthusiasts

October Hotline info 
Several Activity members took in the Orinda Classic Car Show on September 9th. There have been several suggestions for outings that have passed by due to schedule conflicts and lagging interest. The current activity schedule was reviewed at the September monthly meeting and the outcome looked forward to October and November possibilities. Scheduled events for September were discarded due to scheduling concerns.

The poker run activity is currently in planning and may be utilized in October if weather permits.

In November, we plan to once again attend the International Auto Show at Moscone Center in SF. We will BART into town after the commute hours, attend the show, catch a lunch and return home prior to the commute window. Approximate timing 10 AM to 3 PM. Usually we find some two for one tickets to minimize costs.

The CE group will again obtain a table reservation to attend the holiday luncheon in December. Details will be available soon as to where and when. There will be no monthly group meeting in December.

Next year will bring an overnight trip to the Monterey area for a British Car collection viewing near Pacific Grove. More details coming soon. There have also been investigative workings for a Southern California trip to visit several automotive museums. Watch for more info.

If interested in joining the Car Enthusiasts Activity, please contact any of the folks listed below. We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 1 PM in the Round Table Pizza meeting room, Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill.  Come a few minutes early to get your food and drink ordered prior to meeting.  Meetings usually last about 1 hour.  Next meeting October 3rd.

Activity Chair – Chick Lowry – 
Assistant Chairs –
Tom Mohrman – 
Bill Koski –
Bob McMains –

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Bobby Darin’s Dream Car

The 1960 DiDia 150 was a luxury, custom-designed iconic, handmade car also known as the “Dream Car” forever associated with its second owner, singer Bobby Darin. The car was designed by Andrew Di Dia, a clothing designer, who Bobby Darin had met whilst on tour in Detroit in 1957. Darin telling Di Dia at the time that he would purchase the car if he ever “hit it big”. For seven years, from 1953 to 1960 the DiDia 150 was hand-built by four workers, at a cost of $93,647.29 but sold to Darin in 1961 at a cost of over $150,000 (1.5 million today). ] At the time the car was listed as most expensive ‘custom-made’ car in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. The body was hand-formed by Ron Clark and constructed by Bob Kaiser from Clark Kaiser Customs.

Its metallic red paint was made with 30 coats of ground diamonds for sparkle.

The normal V8 engine is located at the front with an engine displacement of 365/427. It has a rear-wheel drive, the body and chassis is hand-formed from 064 aluminum with a 125-inch wheelbase alloy tube frame.

It has a glass cockpit in back, a squared steering wheel and thermostatically controlled air conditioning system.

The design included the first backseat-mounted radio speakers and hidden windshield wipers, that started themselves when it rained. Other features include retractable headlamps, rear indicators that swivel as the car turns, ‘floating’ bumpers and a trunk that was hinged from the driver’s side. Each of the four bucket seats have their own thermostatically controlled air conditioning, individual cigarette lighters and ashtrays, as well as a radio speaker. The original engine, a Cadillac V8, was later replaced by a 427 high-performance by Ford when it was taken on the show circuit.

Darin drove his wife, Sandra Dee, in the car to the 34th Academy Awards in 1961. After publicity and film use, Darin donated his “Dream Car” to the St Louis Museum of Transportation in 1970 where it remains. : CAR ENTHUSIAST, SIR DAVE SUTTON


If you have an interest in joining Car Enthusiasts please contact any of the individuals noted below:

Chairman Chick Lowry, 932-4886
Asst. Chair – Tom Mohrman, 516-242-1635 (cell)
Asst. Chair – Bill Koski, 672-7650
Asst. Chair – Bob McMains, 937-6391




Left to right: Sirs Bill Peterson, Tom Hodgson, Chick Lowry, Bob McMains, Dennis Reschke and a partial view of the Lamborghini we found to be a heartbreaker we couldn’t own.

Click here for 2015 History report

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