Sirs in the Garden

We are excited to launch at the beginning of Summer 2021with the following members! We will meet Wednesday, June 16th at The Gardens at Heather Farm, 1540 Marchbanks Drive, @ 9:30 AM; we finish at 11:30 with an “order your own” lunch @ The Greenery Sports Bar & Grill 1551 Marchbanks Road adjacent to The Garden.
We will be helping with various tasks assigned by the Garden Manager, Jere Peck. You will be sure to learn something and get your gardening questions answered. Below is a list of Eleven initial members and attendees; remember this activity is CO-ED!
 If you are lucky enough to have Grandchildren entering K-3rd grade for 2021-2022, you might look up the NATURENAUTS, about Kids exploring the outdoor garden environment and starting to think like a scientist. Journaling, observing, investigating, asking questions. If interested, call The Gardens at Heather Farms for more information: 925-947-1678 or ask Tom or me to send you the information.
Thanks go out to Tom Mohrman, SIG Chairman and founder of SIG 2021.
Current List
  • Ron Cassano
  • Dan & Lynn Crowley
  • Alan Curtis
  • Leo Dominguez
  • Jackie Kaneshiro
  • Bill & Sue Koski
  • Gordon & Sandy Linebaugh
  • Tony de Losada 
Best regards, stay out of the heat,
Tony de Losada (510-566-2661) and Tom Mohrman (516-242-1635)