Sirs at the Games


Activity Chairman: Steve Schramm
Assistant Chairman:  Jack Schweitzer, Dennis Reschke

2015 History Report


Recently, we saw a great college football game.  The California Golden and the Arizona Wildcats gave us a two-overtime thriller on Saturday, October 21.  Unfortunately, we had only a small number of members and guests join us for this game.

As basketball season approaches, we are considering games involving the Golden State Warriors, Cal Bears in Berkeley, and St. Mary’s basketball in Moraga.  The Warriors’ tickets are expensive ($100 – $160), Cal games are about $25-$40, and St. Mary’s is the cheapest.

Please let me know which of these options is best for you.  I would appreciate your input in early November so that we can purchase good seats at group pricing for games in January or February.  Your feedback is appreciated.

Please contact Steve Schramm for more information.  Steve may be reached at “” or by phone 925-222-0801


Posted 10/24/2017 ses
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