Comment Card feedback

Analysis of Comment Cards from July 8, 2019 SIR Branch 8 Lunch Meeting.
By: Jim Sowell.

There were five cards turned in by five members. One member was “Impressed”, one was “Pleasantly Surprised”, one was “Satisfied”, and two members did not provide their attitude.

This month was a rare case, as we had no unaffiliated attendees.

Two members mentioned the speaker or lack thereof. Why no speaker and need a better speaker. One said he wants to learn about new things and that there is enough time for socializing in the current format.

One food comment brought up ABC; Anything But Chicken.

The “Impressed” member called Branch 8 a Good Organization.

The most interesting issue was the date.  One member got it right for any meeting with “Today”. Two had their calendars stuck on Sunday, July 7 and two put in the actual date.

A correction to the July meeting.  The originator of the “Ugly Shirt Day” was an unidentified member, not me.  

Jim Sowell


updated 7/27/2019 by DLS

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