Comment Card feedback

Analysis of Comment Cards from September 9, 2019 SIR Branch 8 Lunch Meeting.

There were seven cards turned in by five members and two unaffiliated attendee. One member who was “Impressed” said the luncheon was outstanding, one was “Pleasantly Surprised”, and two were “Satisfied”.  One unaffiliated attendee was “Impressed” and one did not provide his attitude.

Food was the focus of four comments. Lunch was above average to very good. The chicken had good flavor with a very good sauce. The potato was a great selection. Smaller portions or some pasta dishes could help cut the price of lunch.  Perhaps the Hilton could make take-out boxes for leftovers easier to obtain, and they should be compostable, not styrofoam. 

Table 22’s server was excellent.

Thanks for lowering the lights during the slide show, but it should be turned off during the business meeting.

The most interesting comment was that the food portions are “outrageously large”, and that leads to a lot of waste.


Jim Sowell

updated 10/14/2019  by DLS