Comment Card feedback

Analysis of Comment Cards from April 8, 2019 SIR Branch 8 Lunch Meeting.
By: Jim Sowell.

There were 11 cards turned in by ten members and one unaffiliated attendee.  One member was “Impressed” and “Pleasantly Surprised”, two members were “Pleasantly Surprised”, four members were “A bit annoyed”, one member was “Mad as the dickens” and two members and the unaffiliated attendee did not provide their attitude.

Of overwhelming concern, both by receiving seven comments and the strong wording of the comments was too much info in too many activity announcements, making the meeting run too long.  Comments included: Activity presentations were too long, with too many announcements; members do not need or want all the details of each activity, details should be in the e-mail blast or the Hotline.

Four more comments addressed the A/V system as being largely responsible for one of the worst meetings ever.  Much of the program could not be heard.  Those speaking had to be told to hold the microphone closer. There were frequent breaks while the operator hunted for the right file on the computer.  This caused the pacing to be painfully, dreadfully slow.  This should all be corrected through practice before the meetings.  Meetings should end at 12:45 PM.

Food took third place with three comments.  Food was great, meatloaf was good to excellent, cheesecake was good to excellent, and salad was excellent.

The speaker was interesting and audible when talking about his service.  He did not get enough time.

One unidentified member said that the testimonial section was a nice try, but to fill in your own words. The most interesting comment was that introduction of new members does not need to include their educational history, as it does not relate to SIR

updated 5/10/2019 by DLS

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