Comment Card feedback

Analysis of Comment Cards from November 13, 2017 SIR Branch 8 Lunch Meeting. 

There were 10 cards turned in by one unaffiliated attendee and 9 members. Three members were “Impressed”, one member was “A bit annoyed”, and the unaffiliated attendee and 5 members gave no attitudes.

Food got 7 comments: Three wanted Turkey and trimmings in the Thanksgiving month. Lunch was so-so, good, or delicious; pie was excellent, wow! 

Three enjoyed the music and one thanked Sir Ernie Sherne for Taps.

Two thought the discussion of Recruitment was too complicated and confusing. There is no reason to limit the use (of the spinning wheel?) to the next meeting. It should be for Branch 8 only, and eliminate the cash alternatives. The meeting is too long, which is contributed to by too many announcements.

A recurring comment was that the slide show should be turned off not only during the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, but in this case during presentations such as Golf Awards.

The most interesting comment was from one member who was disappointed in those who did not remove their hats during the Pledge of Allegiance. Remember Sirs, headgear off unless you are under arms.

Jim Sowell

updated 11/21/2017 dls

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