Comment Card feedback

Analysis of Comment Cards from April 9, 2018 SIR Branch 8 Lunch Meeting. 

There were 10 cards from 9 members and one unaffiliated attendee for the April lunch. Two members were “Impressed”, three were “Satisfied”, one was “A bit annoyed”, and three members and the unaffiliated attendee failed to give an attitude.

There were two comments about wobbly tables that spilled food and drinks. Also some tables have crossbars against which we bang our knees.

The Audio/Visual category was blameless in April except for the repeat suggestion that deceased member’s pictures be shown on screen during the Sunshine Report.

The lunch was good, the chicken was excellent and Table 6 had excellent servers.

One thought the Asian Art Museum was not the best program and put lots of Sirs to sleep. First time in three years the topic was not relevant or interesting. However, the car show was super.

Another recurring comment is that the web pages should be up to date. Travel and others. Need to add ladies. ??? (Research to follow)

A two year member reported that it was great to be a member.

The most interesting comments were for three new activities :
o   A planned camping trip to the Sierra mountains in one year.
o   Toastmasters speaking, and
o    Scadagories – a game that makes everyone laugh.

And a program about the Hilton kitchen and how it operates.

Jim Sowell

updated 04/22/2018 rbg

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