The SIR Chess sessions are held semi-monthly on the second and fourth Fridays of the month.  We play from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm in the Game Room in the Pleasant Hill Senior Center, 233 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill, CA 92523. 

Please join us to have fun with chess.  Regardless of your knowledge and skill, we look forward to seeing you.  Each month, we have two great opportunities to challenge our brains and improve our knowledge of this great game.
The PH Senior Center serves lunch beginning at 11:30 am. 
Lunch is only $5 for residents and $7 for non-residents.
Upcoming dates:
 Friday, November 8
and  Friday, November 22

Friday, December 13

Friday, January 10 and Friday, January 24 

 Feel free to bring a friend. Beginners are welcome!  We share chess tips as part of our group learning of the game. Remember to bring your chess boards!

Chess is a wonderful board game of strategy and skill that has been played worldwide for centuries. The SIR Chess group will gather semi-monthly to continue this tradition by pairing off for several games each session. 

For more information, contact Steve Schramm (

The costs are minimal.  Sirs do not have to join the Pleasant Hill Senior Center, but may choose to do so. You may also choose to purchase their own chess sets. Similarly, some members may choose to purchase books on chess.

Contact Steve Schramm if you would like to play (  If you own a chess set, please bring it to our events.  See you there!  

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