Chess is a wonderful board game of strategy and skill that has been played worldwide for centuries. The SIR Chess group will gather monthly to continue this tradition by pairing off for one or two games each month. Members will bring their own chess sets to the play events.

The Chess play events will be conducted in collaboration with SIR Branch 146 of Walnut Creek.  Members may bring guests, and other seniors may occasionally drop in and play.  As the chess group grows in popularity, we may hold special branch tournaments, and perhaps travel to play other SIR branches.

The Chess play events are held semi-monthly on the second and fourth Fridays of the monthChess will be played from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

The location for chess depends on the weather.  Given the hot summer weather, we have elected to play indoors in the Game Room that is reserved in the Pleasant Hill Senior Center, 233 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill, CA 92523.  We also have an outdoor option at the nearby picnic tables.

The costs are minimal.  Members do not have to join the Pleasant Hill Senior Center, but may choose to do so. Members may also choose to purchase their own chess sets. Similarly, some members may choose to purchase books on chess.

As an option, members may purchase lunch at the Pleasant Hill Senior Center prior to the Friday play event. Lunch is served for seniors beginning at 11:30 am for a modest cost of $7.00.

Branch members, guests, and applicants for membership are eligible to play.

Our recent indoor chess event was held in the Pleasant Hill Senior Center on Friday, August 10.  Seven members participated, and paired off for fun and games.  Going forward, Jeff Morrow of Branch 146 will share chess tips for beginners and intermediate players at the start of each session.

Our next SIR Chess play events are scheduled for Friday, August 24, and September 14 & 28.  Please join us and bring a friend.  

Contact Steve Schramm if you would like to play (  If you own a chess set, please bring it to our events.  See you there!  

SES 8/14/18

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