Scams are common! take care

I plan to post occasional scam warnings for the benefit of all online members, their families, and friends.

08/22/22  from Citibank, but the advice is valid for any online transactions with banks or other corporations.

You should never wire money or send money using Zelle® to:

  • Anyone who claims to be from a government agency
  • Any stranger, no matter what reason they give
  • A telemarketer trying to sell you something
  • Anyone claiming your account is compromised
  • Unauthorized, unverified cryptocurrency sites or salespeople
  • Anyone asking you to send money to yourself

Stay vigilant to protect your personal accounts

If you get a suspicious call, email, or text, don’t disclose any personal information until you verify it’s from a legitimate source. If you have any doubt, contact the company directly.

Only allow remote access to your computer when you’ve initiated contact with a company you know through a verified phone number or website.

Always protect your card and account PIN. Be sure it is not easily guessable, do not enter it on a non-Citi site, and remember that our team will never ask for it.

Set up 2-factor authentication (multiple ways to identify yourself) with the companies you work with to help keep your device and money secure.

If you suspect one of your accounts has been compromised, immediately change your user ID and password for your Citi account and other important accounts.

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