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1pm to 3pm. First Wednesday and the Third Tuesday of each month
 Round Table Pizza  1938 Oak Park BlvdPleasant Hill

The Cribbage Group meets on the First Wednesday and the Third Tuesday of each month. There’s been a PERMENENT LOCATION CHANGE from Treat Blvd in Concord to the Round Table Pizza located at 1938 Oak Park Blvd. in Pleasant Hill. Hours of play are 1pm to 3pm. Please join us if you have played Cribbage or would like to learn the game.

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                                                   2017 May Results

May 3rd– There were 16 players                   May 16th – There were 16 players

1st Place Jim Rosenquist 176 pts.              1st Place Steve Bishop 349 Pts.
2nd Place Ron Draper 162 pts.                    2nd Place Rich Mohr 207 pts.
3rd Place Terry Mason 152 pts.                   3rd Place Ron Draper 199 pts.
4th Place Jerry Ward 144 pts.                     4th Place Don Atwater 196 pts.


2017 April Results

April 5th– There were 17 players                   April 18th – There were 12 players

1st Place Terry Mason 304 pts.                 1st Place Ron Draper 217 Pts.
2nd Place Jim Rosenquist 269 pts.           2nd Place Steve Strobel 196 pts.
3rd Place Jerry Ward 194 pts.                    3rd Place Jerry Ward 170 pts.
4th Place Dan Smith 180 pts.                     4th Place Dennis Mierzwa 153 pts.

                                                    2017 March Results

MARCH 1 ST 12 Players                                        MARCH 21st 14 Players

1 Dennis Mierzwa 208 pts                                   1 Ray Nummi 197 pts
2 Ron Draper 201 pts                                            2 Jerry Ward 192 pts
3 Bud Grisanti 175 pts                                           3 Dan Franklin 183 pts
4 Steve Strobel 165 pts                                         4 Dan Smith 174 pts

                                                   2017 February Results

February 1st– There were 14 players       February 21st – There were 14 players

1st Place Jerry Ward 363 pts.   *                         1st Place Jim Rosenquist 335 Pts. 2nd Place George Schulze 320 pts.  *                 2nd Place Jerry Ward 279 pts.         3rd Place Don Atwater 273 pts.                           3rd Place Steve Bishop 181pts.         4th Place Larry Mersmann 172 pts.                   4th Place Jerry White 157pts.

*A rare “Double Skunk” was scored by Jerry Ward and George Schulze

January 4th  15 players                               January 17th –  10 players

1st Place Jack LaSalle 268 pts.                               1st Place Joe Anthony 189 pts.
2nd Place Ron Draper 254 pts.                               2nd Place Jim Rosenquist 187 pts.
3rd Place Joe Maurino 224 pts.                              3rd Place Ray Nummi 178pts.
4th Place Dan Smith 186 pts.                                  4th Place Larry Mersmann 172pts.


Following three photos were taken February 1, 2017 at the Cribbage game – Straw Hat Pizza in Pleasant Hill.  SIR Pmembers were: Jerry Ward, George Schulze, Don Atwater, Larry Mersmann, TerryMason, Ron Draper, Jim Rosenquist, Steve Strobel, Bud Grianti, Steve Bishop, Ray Nummi, Rich Mohr, Dan Smith, Dennis Mierzwa



Cribbage, January 2016

Cribbage, January 2016


  Chairman, Ron Draper  – Email: 
Assistant Chairman, Dan Smith – Email:          


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