Sirs in the Kitchen

Sirs in the Kitchen (sitk)
Chairman: Ed Benson

Beer, Beer, Beer
This is being written before our July 21 meeting, so I’ll have to make some of it up. The Sirs in the Kitchen Chefs meet by ZOOM for the third consecutive month. We were hoping to meet in person, but the COVID flare up killed those plans.
The subject was beer, and Sous Chef Thom lead off a spirited discussion of the beverage. Spirited discussion, get it? Anyway, with the cans popped and bottles opened we launched into the meal
Sous Chef von Maciak led off with his Smoked Kielbasa in Dark Beer with Sauerkraut. He used a slow cooker technique. For those wondering, a slow cooker used to be called a pressure cooker. That was followed by EC von Benson with a magnificent fail on potato dumplings and a great shot of them in the garbage can. von Benson also did a Beer Onion gravy with better results; however we had nothing to serve it on so it stayed in the pan.
Ms Paula von Watkins prepared a wonderful salad of Spring Mix Salad with Raspberry Walnut Dressing. Get the recipe and give it a try as it has fresh raspberries, dried cranberries, candied walnuts and Mandarin Orange slices. Terrific! The meal was followed by a beer dessert, a Guinness Stout float with vanilla ice cream. Try it, you’ll love it.
Once again, everyone decided the meeting was fun, so it was decided to hold another virtual session on August 18 beginning at 11.30. As of now, EC Ed has no idea what the meal will consist of, but it will not include potato dumplings.
We are striving to have an informative, fun-filled event. If you wish to attend, send EC Ed an email (, and you will get the link as the meeting time approaches. Should anyone want the recipes or wine or beer tips, send an email to EC Ed and you’ll get them.
updated 8/1/2020 dls