Instructions for Lunch signup

Instructions as of 3/25/2024


We ALL must sign up to attend the Branch 8 luncheon held at Boundary Oak Golf Course, 3800 Valley Vista Rd., Walnut Creek, CA:

  1. Three sign-up methods will be available:
    1. A Constant Contact email requesting your action to sign up to attend a Branch 8 luncheon will be sent to you. This email also has provisions for your response and if bringing guests. Click on the link in this email to electronically sign up for the next luncheon. You will need to enter your name as well as your guest’s names, if any, and your and guest’s meal preference. You should receive a message immediately that your response has been recorded. This is the preferred method.


  1. Send an email message to You will receive a confirming email. 


  1. Call 925-901-4826 to sign up for the luncheon by phone.
  1. You have a choice of a meat or fish entrée. You can also select vegetarian or no meal.  Please tell us which entrée you want when you sign-up.
  2. You must sign up by, 5 calendar days before the next luncheon (i.e., the Wednesday before the luncheon). This deadline is necessary because we must provide a final headcount to Boundary Oak 4 days in advance of our luncheon.
  3. Failure to sign up by 5 days prior to the luncheon may exclude you from the luncheon. You may sign up after the 5 days, but you will be placed on a Waitlist. As a result, you will be able to attend the luncheon only if someone from the signup list cancels their attendance. You will be notified if you are eligible to attend the luncheon.
  4. As before, you will bring a personal check for $35.00 made out to SIR Branch 8, or cash to the luncheon as payment
  5. If you sign up, but do not attend the luncheon, you remain subject to payment because we owe Boundary Oak for the lunch that they have prepared for you.
  6. If you are not on the sign-up list for the meal and meals are sold out, you are always welcome to attend the meeting and listen to the speaker.
  7. If you have any questions regarding the sign-up process, please contact Manuel Dominguez ( or Dan Smith (

Constant Contact emails have been very successful and makes sign-up easy.  However, these emails do not reach all members for one reason or another.  If you believe that you have been missed, or if away during the sign-up period, you can always use the attendance email or voicemail given above anytime.  You should do this at least 5-days prior to the luncheon to ensure that you have a meal.