If you have a hobby, special interest collection, art of any form or a special skill, please consider sharing it with your fellow SIR. Maybe you do watercolors or sketch or take wildlife photos, or write short stories, make pottery, collect fishing lures or thimbles or license plates. Whatever it is, we have guys that would like to see it and talk to you about it.

All it takes is an hour before our monthly meeting and we’ll help you get things set up and taken down. In the process you may find a new friend who has your same interest and of course your fellow SIR will appreciate your time and effort. Give me a call or send an e-mail.. All of us old guys like to see stuff and we appreciate people who collect or have a hidden talent or special skill. SHARE it with us. It makes the meeting more interesting and I’ll even buy you a glass of wine. Happy Holidays to you all and a special Thank You to all members of SIR Branch 8 who have taken the time to share their talents, collections or special skills this past year and in other years.

Ron Smith, Chairman   925-314- 3066


Updated 12.2.18. BarryB

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