Recruiting cards

The SIR Recruiting Card explains our Branch to anyone we meet. The front side describes where and when we meet for lunch and allows you to write in your name and phone number. The back side identifies many of the activities available for members.

You can show the back side to your acquaintance and see what they are interested in, in order to talk about their activities. If they aren’t interested in joining activities, they may not be good candidates for SIR. While we have over 50 activities a new member might ask about one we do not have! If he is interested you can invite him to start it.  If they are interested in our activities, invite him to a luncheon meeting.

Once you have printed some you can offer them to casual contacts: on the golf course, at a coffee shop, on a Senior Center excursion, at your Church, waiting for a bus to the game, etc.. Give a few to your wife so she can pass them on to girl friends who want their husbands out of the house once in awhile. We’ve gotten some new members that way.

PS:  Even if one or more of the activities listed are not currently active, leave them there for discussion of possible new activities.

recruiting cards

How to Create the Cards Yourself

By clicking on this link you can download a pdf document  to print a card for your own use.

You can print a small number of cards on your personal printer,  or you can print 1000 of these fill-in-the-blank cards for ~$30. An online source is and 1000 cards, color both sides, aqueous coating, would cost around $30.

They will send you a proof–double check their proof.  PrintPlace has helped with making the final proof.

Alternatively – Let Branch 8 print the Cards for You 

Click HERE to download the instructions for ordering cards from Branch 8


Sources: Self printing by Walter Schick  –   edited for this website 3/3/2016 by dls
Branch will print them for you – Bob Barnes  3/19/2016