Photo hunt

Hi, Photographers, for February we have a photo journalism field trip. It is not about photographic quality but about our use of our imagination when selecting and developing the subjects for our photographs

Below you have the location and the 13 themes for your photo day or days. You can take your pictures on your own, take a friend or another of the SIRs Photo Group to help with the project. You should end up with 13 photos that best represent the themes for our meeting in February.

In the February meeting (at my house) I would like to present your photos by theme rather than by photographer i.e all the photos for theme 1, followed by all for theme 2, etc. That way we can compare how each of us interpreted the theme. To do this we will load our photos onto Google Drive rather than a thumb drive. Instructions for loading photos to Google Drive are below.

Location: Martinez


  1. Lines and shapes
  2. Play time
  3. Heart of the town
  4. Across the ages
  5. City meets Countryside
  6. What’s for Lunch?
  7. Wild juxtaposition
  8. This is transport?
  9. Interaction
  10. A glimpse of something
  11. Look at me!
  12. Chaos
  13. Whimsical

Instructions for loading photos:

This is the link to the place where we will store our photos:

Google Drive Photo Journalism

How to load your photos to Google drive for the Photo Journalism outing:

You have taken photos and selected your best photo for each theme.

Rename each of your selected photos with the theme number and your name (1 for ‘Lines and Shapes’ etc. 2 for ‘Play time’ followed by your name. So for me ‘1Nick’ is my photo for the first theme ‘Lines and Shapes’.

Paste the link above into your browser or press ‘Ctrl’ and click to go to my Google drive folder ‘Photo Group Photo Journalism’. There you will see several folders, one for each of the photo journalism themes.

Double click on folder ‘1. Lines and Shapes’ to open it.

Left click on your photo for this theme and drag and drop it into that folder. It may take a few seconds to load.

Repeat for each of the folders and the photos you want to present for the photo journalism.

If you change your mind about a photo and want to remove it from the folder, just right click it and select ‘remove’.