August 29th, 2016

Traveling 9 Golf have a dozen players headed for Monarch Bay Golf course. Monarch is at the edge of the bay and adjacent to Haywards 18-hole course. This could be a possible venue for the 2017 DAI.
September we are headed for Fremont Golf Course. This is a challenging layout bringing satisfaction to all of our players (beginners to advanced). Fremont is passionate about providing quality golf to the public on a large scale. Facilities include a progressive pro shop with club and power cart rentals, practice area, grass tees, private short game area and a snack bar.

 July 28, 2016

On a golf course, not so far away, on a typical summer day 8 golfers decided to venture to Vintner’s Golf Course in Yountville to partake in a great round of golf and good fellowship. Upon completing the terrific feat, they all decided to celebrate with a fine lunch at The Lakeside Grill restaurant to celebrate Barry Brown and his sidekick Dick Brooks low gross scores of 41 and with the assistance of their fellow teammates  a final count of 8 pars. As these golfers departed one could hear “we shall return”.

  May 26th 2016

The travelling 9 golf group  had 18 players playing the executive course at Las Positas in Livermore. A very interesting 9-hole layout that had Barry Brown seeing putting breaks that did not exist. He still shot a nice 33 and Jack Stack carded the lowest score of 31. Jack had his younger brother Jerry join us from Tracy. According to the scorecards, he was nip and tuck with Jack. The course was very walkable for most and only required about 1 ¾ hours to navigate. Finally, says Glenn Gilman, I broke the 50 I’ve been wanting to do and did it with a 41. Nice shooting Glenn. Our stats guy, Dick Brooks was able to gather lots of information for finalizing the teams for the DAI being played here on June 2nd.

Because of the DAI, we are considering not traveling at the end of June. Our next possible outing in July will be Monarch Bay in San Leandro. This is a course Don Atwater has played with his invitational in past years. As usual, watch the web site for new information and for convince you can log on to sb8golf9holes@gmail.com to sign up for future events.

April 30th 2016

Only FIVE of us made the trip to the PRUNERIDGE golf club in Santa Clara for our April outing. Pruneridge is an interesting 9-hole layout. There were only two par four holes and a mix of par three’s. The most challenging of this course was being able to read the greens. All greens were guarded with a couple of nice sand traps and had contours the required your imagination to make a putt. So many putts were missed by an inch or 2 because the ball would fall off at the very end of your roll out. Our low gross player was none other than Jack Stack with a 38, as I recall. The rest of us ranged in the forties. We played in about two hours and at the conclusion stopped off at the grill for lunch. There was beer on tap, however the Sierra Nevada was out and a verity of sandwiches. My jack cheese hamburger was very tasty and cooked to order. The grill was on the small side but adequate for a quick lunch. Other than the commute traffic it was a pretty great day.
Thursday, May 26th we are scheduled to play Las Positas in Livermore. This is the course we are playing for our annual DAI the following week (Thursday, June 2nd). To sign up go to sb8golf9holes@gmail.com or signup at the 9-hole table at the luncheon.
Remember to see a bad shot, just stand up.

March 31st 2016

We had nine out of seventeen players arrive at McInnis Park in San Rafael to enjoy a very pleasant day of golf. The course layout had 4 – par 4 and 5 – par 3 holes. Most said they would return to play here again. Our only disappointment was the plugging and sanding of the greens. The last three had heavy sand and we called for the two stoke limit rule. Would have been nice to have had advance notice. Our low gross scorers were Jack Stack and Barry Brown both carding a 34. That was 3 over the course par.

All nine stayed for a nice lunch in what seemed to be a popular restaurant, judging by the non-players having lunch. The restaurant was accommodating by pulling tables together for us. Our trip per Barry Brown from the west side of WC was approx. 88.5 miles. With a missed turn Barry and I got to see a bit of historic Point Richmond.

Traveling 9 golf will be venturing to Pruneridge in Santa Clara the last Thursday of the month (April). See web page for information and remember you can sign up at sb8golf9holes@gmail.com.



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