Open Positions

Audio Visual Coordinator Role description​

  1. Maintain Branch 8 laptop for use at monthly luncheons, Branch Executive Committee Meetings (BEC), and other Branch 8 events.
  2. Maintain and update laptop software to include Windows 10, MS Office, a Malware Program, and other important software applications.
  3. Backup the PC and be prepared to restore the entire PC or selected folders and files.
  4. Ensure that any subscription software (i.e. MS Office 365) is renewed in a timely manner.
  5. Must arrive at the Concord Hilton at least 45 minutes prior to the luncheon meeting for setup of the laptop and testing of presentations by speakers and others. Ensure that all of the projectors display the video clearly.
  6. Update and display slide show on all 3 screens prior to the monthly luncheons.
  7. Coordinate all visual presentations of luncheon speakers.
    1. Receive slide presentation and/or video clips from presenters via email or thumb drives.
    2. Load and test presentations on branch laptop at least two days prior to the luncheon. This preview will allow time to resolve problems with the video and/or the audio of the presentations.
    3. Coordinate sound of presentations with Branch 8 audio crew.
  8. Requires basic computer skills including MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, emails, file management, etc.