Member Relations Committee Update

APRIL 2018

Ever wonder what the MRC does for you?

 Your MRC is a Branch 8 standing committee established, to ensure the branch is maintaining appropriate growth, and meeting the needs of membership by recommending, and then implementing, BEC approved programs and processes to improve integration, satisfaction and retention. Another way of stating it, is that we advocate for you thru the BEC. Branch 8 is fortunate, to be composed of, in total 21, great volunteer members who use their minds, thoughts and  efforts , on your behalf. They, try to make your membership activity as easy, as positive, and as enjoyable as possible. 

This is done through committee studies, deliberations,  and eventually the accepted recommendations we make to the BEC.  This year because of an early alarm recognized and identified for action, by Big Sir Phil Trapp; the MRC and the Recruiting and Retention (R&R) Sub-Committee, led by Steve Schramm,  held meetings designed  to quiet this alarm. We met February 22nd., and presented 13 recommendations  to the BEC , at the March 12 meeting, which in large measure, were accepted “with comment,” which  we then incorporated  at a meeting held March 23, that is  how the process works! 

The final recommendations will start to be announced and implemented, after the April 9 luncheon. These will be centered around BEC and branch emphasis on Guests, using activity attraction, communication with and assistance thru Sponsors involvement, attracting younger membership, retaining membership , follow up, and looking deeper into why members join, stay, why they leave; to name a few . As always, your attendance at the BEC meetings is welcomed and encouraged and you can drop by at 9:30AM and stay as long as you like to see how it works. You can even speak up, we will here you!

Tony de Losada,  Tom Mohrman, Co- Chairman

Announcing the New Co- Chairman of MRC. A member, who I am so pleased to team with: None other than  the capbable and popular, Tom Mohrman! Welcome aboard Tom. The 3rd MRC Meeting of 2017 is being organized for either Thursday or Friday October 26 or 27th, TBD. Information will follow , MRC Members and Guest will be notified.  If you feel there is something on your mind that you would like MRC to know  and have a discussion about let any member including myself, know about it:
The New Diversity Committee is off to a good start and is setting up a meeting, date TBA, for October. Response has been very good coming from our valued Diverse Membership and as the members get experience and familiarity with the objectives and each other, the benefits will undoubtly be shared by all: Committee Members, General Membership, and all Sirdom. Thom Watkins , an  organized and enlightned leader, will do all he can to make it a sucess. If you have any desire to join the first and most forward thinking activity of any branch that I know of…
call Thom Watkins: 925-330-3780.
Howard Meadow <>,
Ron Maciak MD-158 <>,
Chris Tang <>,
Thom Watkins <>,
Ed Benson <>,
Laaback <>,
Ron and Judy Smith <>,
Ron Brown <>,
Stan Johnson <>,
Steve Schramm <>,
Tom Kerns <>,
“Tom Mohrman < Mohrman” <>,
Bill Espey <>,
Dave Davis <>,
Jim Whitsett <>,
Jim & Sandy Sowell <>,
Bill Barber <>
Tony de Losada
Chairman  Member Relations Committee



 SIR Branch 8 Walnut Creek
 Tony de Losada Director 2015-2018
Member Relations Committee Chairman. SIR Community Outreach Committee Chairman
Publicity & Image Committee Chairman – Member State Growth and Membership Committee
Speaker Committee Member – Recruiting Committee. 
Tel: 925-945-1730 Cell 510-566-2661

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Publicity and Image 
So far in the month of September, Ron Maciack has made a hit with the initial offering of the popular SIR Personal Licence Plate Frames 70% of the frames have been sold, additionally, 45 other branches of SIR ordered 1790 units themselves through SIR INC.,and  the valuable efforts of Dick Brooks! Bear in mind it all started through our Branch 8 efforts and ideas. While we are on the subject of Ron Maciack and his  SIR Apparell & Novelties Table in the lobby, he also sold out of the limited 200 pens we ordered on a test basis!Ron needs to know if you think we should reprder these beautiful , functional “Businedss Card Pens! To help you in your recruiting efforts, they help you to say it all, about the why, where , when and why the branch meets each month. Easy Peasy!
Tony de Losada
Publicity and Image Chairman

2007 State of California Fire Code:
Section 408.2.2 -. Announcements for public assembly over 50 persons. Mandatory State of California 2007 State of California Fire Code Section 408.2.2:
“An announcement must be made no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of a program, that notifies the occupants of the location of the exits to be used in the event of fire or other

Explanation by SIR Tom Mohrman, a practicing Risk Manager.

“California enacted this code after a severe nightclub fire in Rhode Island and others, around the country. Hundreds of people were killed in the Rhode Island stampede, some emergency exits were blocked, a total disaster.”

This announcement will be repeated at the start of each meeting from now on. This is not only for fire Emergency only, it is for Earthquake, and Necessary Physical Danger Risk! We ask for your patience and your attention at each announcement. We hope it will not have to be used. Remember, do not use your Cell Phones, the mandatory legal protocol is to use the wall phones posted for emergency use. These posters were created and implemented by SIR Attendance Secretary and Hilton Liaison Bill Peterson.

The committee made more recommendations which will be explained as they are approved: Examples: Seating for late arrivals, one column or two columns Hotline, additional information text when new inductees are first written about, or pictured; a new Membership Classification for in-active members.

Your MRC is listening to, and acting upon, your comments to make your association with SIR Branch 8 better and in this case safer. Keep up your suggestions and observations, share with your Activity Chair, any member of the BEC, or MRC; we will respond. While you are at it, think about volunteering, we could use your help in the many activities we have and in the Branch Administration as well!

When you see them, next time, shake the hand of Tom Mohrman and Bill Paterson, for thinking of your safety by developing the “Man Down Protocol”!

You and they make the branch what it is!

Tony de Losada
Committee Chairman

posted 9/30/2017 dls

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