Member Relations Committee feedback

March report
This month pleased  to let you know: Member Relations has been asked by the BEC, lead by Big Sir, Michael Long, to form a group of two to three,  members to keep in touch with those of us who are temporarily ill, indisposed, or in some cases just recuperating, and have been absent from our meetings for two to three meetings. We just want to say hello, let the member know we are thinking of him , and  to” keep in touch.” These are members who would otherwise attend meetings, if not for the reasons mentioned. This group will be operate through the  SIR Community Outreach Committee (SCOC) and  be called: Keep in Touch Committee. Darryl Sweetland signaled that he is happy to lead  the group. We think this Member Outreach ,will go a long way in  keeping  Members connected! It is interesting to note that Member Volunteers think of these things for you, the Member. We can always use new volunteers for activities and branch administration. How about you?

Tony de Losada

Member Relations Chairman

2007 State of California Fire Code:
Section 408.2.2 -. Announcements for public assembly over 50 persons. Mandatory State of California 2007 State of California Fire Code Section 408.2.2:
“An announcement must be made no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of a program, that notifies the occupants of the location of the exits to be used in the event of fire or other

Explanation by SIR Tom Mohrman, a practicing Risk Manager.

“California enacted this code after a severe nightclub fire in Rhode Island and others, around the country. Hundreds of people were killed in the Rhode Island stampede, some emergency exits were blocked, a total disaster.”

This announcement will be repeated at the start of each meeting from now on. This is not only for fire Emergency only, it is for Earthquake, and Necessary Physical Danger Risk! We ask for your patience and your attention at each announcement. We hope it will not have to be used. Remember, do not use your Cell Phones, the mandatory legal protocol is to use the wall phones posted for emergency use. These posters were created and implemented by SIR Attendance Secretary and Hilton Liaison Bill Peterson.

The committee made more recommendations which will be explained as they are approved: Examples: Seating for late arrivals, one column or two columns Hotline, additional information text when new inductees are first written about, or pictured; a new Membership Classification for in-active members.

Your MRC is listening to, and acting upon, your comments to make your association with SIR Branch 8 better and in this case safer. Keep up your suggestions and observations, share with your Activity Chair, any member of the BEC, or MRC; we will respond. While you are at it, think about volunteering, we could use your help in the many activities we have and in the Branch Administration as well!

When you see them, next time, shake the hand of Tom Mohrman and Bill Paterson, for thinking of your safety by developing the “Man Down Protocol”!

You and they make the branch what it is!

Tony de Losada
Committee Chairman

posted 4/2/2017 dls

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