Member Relations Committee Update

February 16 2019

The MRC has made recommendations to the Branch BEC which can be read by clicking on the link below:



September 2018

Congratulations to Jeff Foster, Tom Kerns, and Dan Crowley! 
The success of the articles written by these members in their own words is astounding.  Since the first written by Jeff Foster, to last months written by Dan Crowley they have been wonderful, interesting and heartfelt, they are a hit! These participants simply wrote about why they “loved” being involved in the branch and enjoying the activities membership afforded them. I enjoyed particularly how some explained their reasoning for joining Branch 8 in the first place and found new friendships and many enjoyable activities. 
What’s your story? Put yours down in an e-mail; it does not have to be a long story, one fat paragraph will do. Have you been a member for more than a year or 5,10,15 years? Bring it on! I want to hear from any member who wants to make his statement about why he feels he made the right decision to join Branch 8, did he move to the area and needed to establish new connections? Was it a job change? Been here for years and wanted a change of pace? These stories can be as simple as that. Write it to me… I will gladly edit the story for you if it needs it! I want to see yours in our next publication, what do you say?

Tony de Losada


 SIR Branch 8 Walnut Creek
Tony de Losada Director 2015-2018
Member Relations Committee Chairman. SIR Community Outreach Committee Chairman
Publicity & Image Committee Chairman – Member State Growth and Membership Committee
Speaker Committee Member – Recruiting Committee. 
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