Member Information

The purpose of this section is to provide information about the applicants and members of Branch 8 and some functions that they may utilize. This Menu Item is subdivided into these general topics.

  •  Photo Gallery
  •  Roster
  •  Reports
  •  Forms
  • Recruitment Cards

If the mouse is placed over the Menu Information menu item, a drop down list displays the above menu items. If you click on a menu item, then a brief description of the purpose for that section will display. The menu items for each associated section are listed.

The final menu item  provides a more explicit description of the contents of that section. There may be a link that will open a file with the specific contents for that section.

If you click on the Member Information path:

  • Member Information
  •  Photo Gallery
  •  Active Members
  •  Description of section displays plus a phrase to display the “Active Members”

You can use this path information pattern to gain access to the contents of each section.