Dine Out 2 (Intimate Dining for small groups)

Sir and Lady to host a Dine Out 2 activity,

Dine Out 2 is small group dining (4 couples & separate checks) to allow restaurant to present itself & cuisine in its best light and for guests to enjoy interesting and friendly conversation with one another.
  Chairman Jerry Milano 934-3496  jerrymilano@astound.net  
Asst. Chairman Don Atwater. 673-1669 datwater@pacbell.net   


Rich & Linda Cheney hosted a March Dine Out 2 event at Taheri’s Mediterranean Restaurant across from the Pleasant Hill Bart Station.   Joining the host & hostess Rich & Linda Cheney were Erland Persson, Monica Rose and Ron Dahlquist.


John and Diane Sewell hosted a February Dine Out 2 event at
Bridges in Danville.  Joining The Mexican Train Dominoes
chair were Golf Chair David Platter and his wife Barbara
and BEC member Jerry Milano and his wife Cindy.  The round
table and friendly, discrete service contributed to a most
enjoyable evening of conversation and dining.


Sorrento’s Restaurant Walnut Creek   2/6
  Hosts: Bob & Ann Hagler
Guests:: Bill & Mary Phelon, Richard & Joyce Shappee

Sorrento’s Restoraunt   2/6Hosts: Jerry and Cindy Milano
Guests: Steve & Lynette Bishop, Jim & Sally Whitsett, Darryl & Barbara Sweetland

Dinner at Miraku hosted by Dennis & Marci Mierzwa

WANTED:  Hosts for 2017  Contact Chairman Jerry

Dine Out 2 is a Branch activity that encourages friendly dining in small groups (maximum of 4 couples).    Hosts and guests are wanted for future Dine Out 2 activities.  Contact chairman Jerry and look forward to a pleasant meal with friends.
As a host you are expected to:
Select a restaurant, date and time
Arrange for a table of 8 and separate checks per couple 
As a guest you are expected to:
Contribute to a sociable evening and pick up your own tab.

Dine Out 2 events will then be promoted for the benefit of other Branch 8 Sirs and their ladies. Groups of eight lend themselves to interesting conversations with fellow Sirs and their partners as well as allowing restaurants to show off its service and cuisine best.  We are fortunate to have so many restaurants in the area. Please share some of your favorites and host a Dine Out 2 activity.

Chairman Jerry Milano 934-3496  jerrymilano@astound.net  
Asst. Chairman Don Atwater 673-1669 da