User guide for SIR Pro-Shop

To open the website, please go to:

Support-(1.844.462.9288) Login – (after registering) Shopping Cart- (Your Choices)

Once registered and logged inyou can order pertinent information entered will be added conveniently to your order.

  • On the OPENING PAGE, you will see “SEARCH PRODUCTS,” which will show you all items in a specific category at one time.
  • A banner across the top of the page will show the current “FREE SHIPPING PROMOTION”  if available.
  • The left side “EXPLORE  PRO SHOP” list will help you find specific categories: Signage, Banners, Apparel, Marketing Materials.
  • A Blue Triangle at the right corner of any apparel picture indicates, “More colors are available.”

1. When you order, select your category or insert a category, hats, Banners, Polo Shirts, into the Search line as previously described.

2. Follow instructions: Quantity, Size, Color, Use TEXT either two lines or one line FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS regarding text within the Logo Box Outline. 
3.The WARNINGS INSTRUCTIONS will tell what is wrong and what to do.
4. Next, Click REVIEW DESIGN BOX Once all has been done to your satisfaction.
6. Finally, add to cart or check out, check shipping designation, Credit Card Info if necessary!
CONGRATULATIONS: You should now be done!
  • The OFFICIAL LOGO and BANNER at the bottom of the logo are LOCKED IN. Changes or additions are not authorized to the OFFICIAL SIR  LOGO and BANNER!
  • A previous Vista Print account number or name is not valid at the SIR ProShop.

  We welcome your product suggestions. If you would like to suggest an apparel productnot shown, please send or call your suggestions to Tony de Losada, 925-945-1730 / We will see what we can do by working with the vendor VISTA PRINT.

Best regards,
Tony de Losada