Sir Fitness Circuit

SIR Fitness Circuit
The Sir Fitness Circuit is turning out to be an excellent activity for couples, as well as for indi­vidual par­tic­i­pants. It’s a good oppor­tunity to improve your fitness and have some fun at the same time.

We meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00–3:00 pm in downtown Walnut Creek. The next 6-​week class starts on Tuesday, September 16th and ends on Thursday October 23nd.

The Activity Description below will answer most of your questions. Give me a call if you want more information.

Phil Trapp
Sir Fitness Circuit Chairman
Home: 925–648-4056
Mobile: 925–963-1819


Activity Description:

  • This is not a Marine Corps mini-boot camp!
  • Six week group training program with appropriate senior population exercises.
  •  Flexibility, balance and strengthening with a focus on fall prevention.
  • YouTube video at
  • Maximum class size is 8, minimum class size is 6.
  • The 30-minute Senior Fitness Test (SFT) is used for participation screening, individual medical releases and as a base-line measurement of improvement.

 Activity Goals 

  • Focus on reducing the risk of falling, while strengthening the physical ability to handle the activities of daily living.
  • Accomplish this with a seniors-appropriate, gym-based program of stretching, balance exercises and strength training.
  • Learn how to safely and effectively use the equipment in a gym.
  • Provide each participant with a personalized workout routine that can be used in any gym.
  • Encourage participants to continue their training activities in groups at local gyms


 Duration: 6-weeks, twice a week, 60-minute sessions

  • Days/Time: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 – 3:00PM
  • Remaining 2014 class dates:
    • September 16 – October 23
    • November 4 – December 18

 Meeting Location:
Maximum Definition Gym
1330 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek 94596

Past Participants 

These Branch 8 SIR’s (and spouses) have taken the SIR Fitness Circuit and are available as references:

  • Prior Classes: Bob Barnes, Ron and Karen Cassano, Hal Jandebeur, Gary Plisco, Walt and Ginnie Schick, Derek and Pauline Southern, Teeb and Rudy Thomas, Bob Wells
  • 2014 Classes: Bill and Nancy Barnard, Rob and Gay Laaback, Dave Light, DeWayne and Lou Ruwe, Ray and Lois Tenzer, Jerry White and Fran Leighty White, Dean Steichen, Dan Weller, Maureen Main (Ken Main’s wife), Leo and Judy Barrella, Bob Price.

 Activity Costs:

No costs are borne by the Branch.

  • $10 fee for the SFT; results provided immediately after test.
  • Up front, non-refundable fee of $15 per session x 12 sessions = $180.

  Participation Eligibility:

  • Branch members, spouses and applicants for membership are eligible for participation.
  • Branch members are given preference over spouses.

 Enrollment Process:

  • Members express interest by contacting Phil Trapp at 648-4056 or sending an email to
  • Phil contacts member for further discussion and to answer questions.
  • Enrollees receive via return email
    • Brief 2-page health history
    • Blank medical release
    • Waiver of liability form
    • Information on times and locations
  • Member is scheduled for a 45-minute Senior Fitness Test session at the gym
    • Member takes the SFT and receives a copy of the results.
    • Trainer reviews member’s health history, along with the SFT assessment results and completes a medical release.
    • Member is enrolled and pays Maximum Definition $190 for the assessment and sessions.
    • Member takes the medical release to his physician for approval.
    • $180 session fees are refunded if physician does not approve participation.

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