Duplicate Bridge 1


Chairman: Bob Kahl
284-8572, rlrkahl@att.net

Duplicate Bridge 1
Meets the second Friday of the month at 9:00 AM
         Round Table Pizza at 1938 Oak Park Blvd. in Pleasant Hill.                                   

                                                                  November  2018

The Duplicate Bridge Group I Played their regular bridge session on Friday, November 9 at Round Table Pizza in Pleasant Hill. The Grisanti-Regan team dominated play with their second monthly win in a row. Again, their margin of win over their closest competitors was substantial. So much so that this chairman is considering a handicap system to level the playing field.

The top three scores were as follows:

  1. 1.Grisanti-Regan   27 pts

2t.Hubinger-Steichen    20 pts    

2t.   Kahl-Schulze   20 pts


Three slams were bid and made. One was by the Kahl-Schulze team when they bid bid 6 spades non-vulnerable for a score of 1010. The Hubinger-Steichen team also bid a small slam on the hand, but did not find a way for the over trick. The top scoring slam was made by the Milano-Persson team on a 6 spade vulnerable slam for a score of 1430. Top defensive honors went to the Grisanti-Regan team when they doubled and set by 3 tricks an overly optimistic 6 diamond try. Best “save” of the day occurred when the Kahl – Schulze team took a 1 trick set in 5 clubs when overbidding a cold vulnerable game in spades that could have been worth 620 points.

Ken Main was host this month. Jerry Milano has these duties for our next session which will be on December 14 at 9:15 AM at Round Table Pizza in PH. 

 Substitutes are frequently needed. Please contact one of the chairmen below to get on the substitute list:

Chairman: Bob Kahl 284-8572
Asst Chairman: Dick Long   274-1786   
Asst Chairman: Tom Hensley 937-0605



 2nd place team Harry Hubinger (left) & Brian Woolf (right)

Top team  Jim Regan Left) and Bud Grisanti (right)                                             

 L/R Gene Bingham, Harry Hubinger, Dean Steichen, Brian Woolf

March Champions Bud Grisanti and Jim Regan and opponent George Schulze

22016 Champions Bud Grisanti and Jim Regan


2016 Runner-ups Brian Woolf and Harry Hubinger 


Update 11/17/2018 dda



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