Duplicate Bridge 1


Chairman: Bob Kahl
284-8572, rlrkahl@att.net

Duplicate Bridge 1
Meets the second Friday of the month at 9:00 AM
Round Table Pizza at 1938 Oak Park Blvd. in Pleasant Hill.                                   

July  2018

The Duplicate Bridge Group I Played their regular duplicate bridge session on July 13 at Round Table Pizza in Pleasant Hill. After a slow start this year, the team of Hubinger-Woolf returned to the winner’s circle with a narrow ½ point win over the next two teams. The top three scores are as follows:

  1. Hubinger-Woolf                          37.5 pts
    2t.  Bingham-Steichen               37
    2t.  Regan Yee                               37

No slams were bid, but several were made. An example is on a board where 3 teams played 3 or 4 diamonds, all making 6 for less than overwhelming scores of 170 points. The top offensive score was achieved by the Hubinger- Wolf team when they showed their winning form in making 6 on a vulnerable 4 spade contract for a score of 680. This hand proved to be their margin of victory for the session.

A top defensive score of 300 was earned by Hensley –Long team when they set a doubled 3, not vulnerable, 3 diamond contract by 2. This did not, however, earn them a top board as a 4 spade game contract was possible and made in their direction.

Thanks to Tom Hensley for set-up. The pizza-sized apple fritter were the talk of the session. Harry Hubinger has these duties for our next session which will be August 10at 9:15 AM at Round Table Pizza in PH.  Also, thanks. Jai Yee for subbing.

Substitutes are frequently needed. Please contact one of the chairmen below to get on the substitute list:

Bob Kahl, Chairman   284-8572
Dick Long, Asst Chairman   274-1786
Ton Hensley,  Asst Chairman  937-0605 

 2nd place team Harry Hubinger (left) & Brian Woolf (right)

Top team  Jim Regan Left) and Bud Grisanti (right)                                             

 L/R Gene Bingham, Harry Hubinger, Dean Steichen, Brian Woolf

March Champions Bud Grisanti and Jim Regan and opponent George Schulze

22016 Champions Bud Grisanti and Jim Regan


2016 Runner-ups Brian Woolf and Harry Hubinger 


Update 07/19/2018 dda



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