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DANSirs May event for the Hotline

The first four months of the existence of the DanSirs, has passed. Going through the winter months was not only entertaining but we got to see that there was a learning curve in bringing together the different genres of dance needed for the variety of people involved in SIRS. This all started during the 2018 Spring BBQ when Suma and I sat down together with Ralph and Susan Stanford and discussed the possibility of a meet and greet dance group at different facilities around the East Bay communities. It was just the four of us when we met at Vinnie’s in Concord with the band ‘Area 51’ playing on a Friday night.

It was also just a few smiles that were needed as we were leaving that night, when Susan said that she had a wonderful time and that was when we decided to make it official. The name ‘DanSirs’ came about when we were thinking of a unique name for the group and Steve’s wife came up with it.

There were five couples that met on the first official dance at the Wise Girls in Pleasant Hill. The music was loud but still it was a fun night. Even though it wasn’t the music we were looking for, the DJ was entertaining and accommodated what the younger crowd requested. It was then that John put aside self-consciousness and brought Terry onto the dance floor.

On Valentine’s Day party that was organized by Branch 146 at Boundary Oaks, a few more members of Branch 8 showed up. It was a fun night with ballroom dancing to the Jazz for All Occasions band. The music was a mix of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and some 80’s. That was when we met Joanna and Alan Curtis who extended the DanSirs to more of the classical ballroom dancing. But it didn’t end there. Martin and Sandy showed up the Greenery in Walnut Creek, who enjoyed the message of the 70’s and 80’s music yet explained it would be nice to key down the sounds.

Based on all of these experiences, we decided that there was a way to put all these genres together. On May 22nd, we will have a garden party for all couples at the residence of Dr. Sandy Hughes to the sounds of Rory Snyder’s Night Jazz Band. We can guarantee happiness and enjoyment for all Branch 8 couples who brave the journey of remembering the steps of our youth to the breakthrough of relating to the millennials who learn our steps only by looking on their smart phones.

Our dance event will be on Wednesday May 22nd at 125 Ready Road, Walnut Creek. We’ll meet at 6:30 and order out for pizza. Bring your own refreshments. Expect dancing to start around 7:30. For information call Russ Anderson 925-783-4630 or John Sutton 925-787-7726.

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