On Monday May 16, seven birders went to Mitchell Canyon and had a very nice outing and lunch.  

For the June 20th trip, we have decided to tackle Monday morning traffic and go to Coyote Hills Regional Park (CH) in Fremont. It is a great park and has a variety of birding habitats.

The park has marshes, moderately steep hillsides and beaches along the bay.  A good variety of shore birds & waterfowl can be seen there. Last year, a ring necked pheasant and a peregrine falcon were seen in the hillside. The trail to the Main Marsh area is flat and an easy 3/4 mile walk. But It will take a lot of walking and time to cover the hillsides and to reach the bay. Consequently, we won’t have time to see the whole park.

Google says it’s a one hour drive from WC (without traffic). I guess they must be measuring the traffic traveling times late at night.

To make it easier on us, we can car pool in a 7 passenger SUV. Car pooler will leave Leary Wong’s house (915 Avondale Court,WC) at 9:00 am. Alternatively, you can meet us at the visitor’s center around 10:30 (hopefully). There is a restroom, but no restaurants in the park. So bring water, lunch and sunscreen. We anticipating leaving the park around 2 so that we can beat most of the commuters home.

A map of the park can be seen at:

Leary Wong – Chairman
925 457 0807

updated 5/19/2016  dls

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