Monthly messages from your Big Sir & Little Sir

Big Sir Sez,
October 2022

Important reminder: CDC recommends that we get the Covid booster shot. Let’s get “boosted”. 

The SIR State Board has recognized our Branch 8 Honorary Life Members (HLM’s) with the new HLM gold pin. The HLM is awarded by State SIR to members for exceptional service to our Branch.

Congratulations to our HLM’s, Bob Barnes, Stan Johnson, Dave Perkins, Ron Smith, Phil Trapp, Don Atwater, Ed Benson, Derek Southern, Dan Weller, Dean Steichen, Ed Myrtle, Tom Hensley & Ron Cassano. 

The State Board has revised the State SIR COVID Protocols to be in line with the Federal and State Covid mandates. 

Here is the action taken by your STATE Sir Board:
Delete the SIR State Protocol as currently written.

Add the following wording:           

  1. Branches shall require all attendees participating in SIR activities to comply with all current federal, state and county public health mandates.
  2. Branch leaders are to ensure that all SIR members and guests participating in meetings or activities comply with all Branch and Venue requirements.
  3. Branches may choose to preserve additional measures, such as proof of vaccinations or written waivers, as approved by their membership. 

Our branch will continue to require proof of vaccination but has dropped the written waiver. 

Thanks to you guys for coming to the luncheon. This was our largest attendance to date. We have excellent speakers on tap. Bring in those guests.  Kudos to our volunteers that work hard to make our luncheons successful. 

Ron Cassano 
Big Sir


Little Sir Sez,

November 2022 Edition

The October luncheon was well attended, thanks to everyone who showed up, and the presentation on seven of the ballot measures was extremely informative.  A big thanks to Janet Foy and Sue Brandy from the League of Women Voters for an excellent presentation.  In November, Admiral/Dr. Michael Baker will focus on Veteran’s Day and his recent trips to war zones. 

The Speaker’s Committee has the first four months of 2023 all booked, but is always looking for interesting speakers, so similar to what I mentioned in last month’s Little Sir article, please feel free to contact any of us with your suggestions.  The 2022 Christmas Ladies’ Day Luncheon is well into the final planning stages, so get your reservations into Buck Chesire as soon as possible.  Stay tuned for updates. 

Ray De Wit
Little Sir.

posted 10/11/2022  dls