Big Sir Sez

August 2021 

Our activities are quickly reopening. We are planning to restart the luncheons at the Hilton on Monday, October 11. We will be implementing a lunch reservation system. Details to follow. Also, you will receive a Branch Survey later this month asking for input on the luncheon restart.

Thanks to members for the 98% return of the Covid Waiver and Vaccine Certification. You have confirmed you desire to get going with activities. Thanks to Dennis Mierzwa and Dan Weller for their work on making this possible.

The BEC has approved a new activity, “Sirs Giving Back”, chaired by Tom DiGrande. This is an opportunity for Sirs to get more involved in our communities. This will get  more name recognition for Sir and help in member recruiting efforts. The State SIR has approved this as a pilot program. Our success will provide guidance for other branches to implement this outreach and strengthen the entire SIR organization. Stay tuned for more details as we roll out this new activity.

It will be great to meet in person again. Get out and get going.

Get going and get out.
Ron Cassano, Big Sir

posted 7/15/21