Monthly messages from your Big Sir & Little Sir

Big Sir Sez,

March 2024 Edition

A big thank you to our own SIR David Bushnell for his outstanding presentation on efforts to generate energy from wave energy at our February luncheon.

I’m sure you know that Branch 8 is one of SIR’s outstanding branches.  It is looked at as an example both by State SIR and other branches.  I’m not aware of any other branch that provides so many activities for their members.  Our members willingly volunteer and provide the leadership that moves our Branch forward.  Over the next several months, I will be nominating these tireless leaders for a Doing My Part Award.  The Doing My Part Award provides special recognition for members who have contributed to the success of the Branch.  At our March luncheon, we will be honoring members of the BEC. If you get a chance, thank them for their service.  In the months to come we will honor other key leaders within our Branch.

Given the number of activities that we have, we may tend to limit our enjoyment to the exclusion of others we would greatly enjoy. To help remind us of what is available, I will be having a couple of activities highlighted at each lunch.  We kicked off this program by highlighting our photography group in February.  For those of you who love to take pictures, give them a try.  You don’t need an expensive or fancy camera; all you need is your phone.  You will get to know some great SIR members. Check with Meng Horng or let me know and I’ll let Meng know for you.

Remember, we are here to have fun, socialize and make friends for life!

Rich Carlston

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Little Sir Sez,

October 2023
I was sorry to miss our August luncheon. I was out of State at a family function.
But I was thinking about everyone and hope that everyone enjoyed the friendship,
meal, and speaker. This month, Janet Hoy from the League of Women Voters will
be speaking to us. This promises to be an interesting discussion on current issues.
Summer officially ends this month, which is often a time for reflection about our
wonderful Branch 8. Ray and I had the privilege of attending the SIR Annual
Meeting last month via Zoom. It was an excellent meeting, with most SIR
branches attending. (If you would like information about the Annual Meeting, go
to the Members Section at
The meeting provided us the opportunity to learn about (i) next year’s goals for
our State leaders and (ii) important information concerning the challenges (loss of
members and loss of leaders/volunteers) that many of the branches are
experiencing. While we are not immune from either of these problems, we have
been fortunate over the years to have an incredible volunteer base from which
our outstanding and effective leaders have been drawn. We owe gratitude to our
volunteers who have built, strengthened, maintained, and guided our branch.
We look to our branch for friendships, opportunities, activities, enjoyment,
learning and so many additional things. It is truly a gem in our society today. But
it is a gem that should be shared with others. We all have friends who are not
members of SIR who would benefit and have a happier and longer life if they
became members. Let’s consider sharing our branch with others, improving their
lives and our lives as we together make more friends.
“Our Mission is to improve the lives of our members through fun activities and
events while making Friends for Life!” (Branch 8 website)

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