Monthly messages from your Big Sir & Little Sir

Big Sir Sez,
March 2023 

It was so heartening to have 129 attendees at the February luncheon; we had beautiful weather, good food, and excellent speakers. Those of you who have not attended a luncheon recently, please consider doing so. The venue, comradery, speakers, and meal are great. I know that all of us who attended February’s luncheon were awakened to what great things the Food Bank of Contra Costa/Solano does and how important our support is to that service organization.

I would urge Branch 8 members to participate in the monthly Giving Back activity at the Food Bank.

 A couple (well actually 3) items that were shared at the luncheon that should be of interest to the entire Branch: (1) the -to-date Branch financial records that will once again be appearing on the website starting in March. (2) The Branch Oktoberfest is moving along very well, with a tentative date of October 19, 2023 being targeted. More information will be forthcoming from the committee. (3) The Branch will be exploring contributing to the State Facebook to increase our exposure and hopefully to gain some additional new members. Derek Southern will be preparing a Constant Contact memo with the details. Those of you who routinely utilize Facebook would hopefully be able to contribute to that input. 

 The Branch continues to be healthy, vis-à-vis membership, with five new members being inducted in February. We all know that face to-face recruiting and bringing a friend or acquaintance to a luncheon or activity are the best ways to introduce new members to our organization; please keep up the good work of recruiting and let’s continue to grow and flourish. 

Ray De Wit
Big Sir


Little Sir Sez,

March 2024

Spring is here!  The weather is getting better, and the daffodils, crocus, and tulips are out and welcoming to all to our beautiful communities.  With the newness of Spring, it is the perfect time to recommit to your participation in one or more of the many wonderful activities available through our Branch.  Whatever your interest, we likely have it or, with your help, can have it.  Come join the fun!  And don’t forget to invite your friends because they will enjoy the activities also.

One activity is our monthly luncheon at Boundary Oaks Golf Course.  The setting is beautiful, the company is outstanding, our speakers are informative, and the food is excellent.  The speaker at the March 13 luncheon is Bill English from the Meadow View Winery.  He will entertain us with information and stories from the Winery.  It should be an outstanding event.  Plan now to come – and get your sign up turned in early.

What a glorious time of the year – Spring.  And what a glorious place to have fun with friends – Branch 8.

Rich Carlston
Little Sir.

posted 2/28/2023  dls