Monthly messages from your Big Sir & Little Sir

Big Sir Sez,

May 2024
The eclipse has come and gone as well
as most of the rains and cold of the
winter. It was fun at our April luncheon
to view the eclipse safely. It was also fun
to invite the service staff out at Boundary
Oak to let them know how much our
branch appreciates their efforts. I know
they go above and beyond to make our
members happy and take care of our
I want to express my appreciation for all
the many members that assist in running
our branch. Tom and I attended a Leadership Summit in
March where leaders representing approximately 60% of all
SIR members were in attendance. It was gratifying to hear
suggestions from the various branches on how to improve a
branch and recognize we are already doing them. While we
can always improve, it underscored to me just how lucky we
are to have so many dedicated members providing such
excellent service. This month it will be my pleasure to present
Doing My Part Awards to many of those members.
Hopefully this month we will have some more audio
improvements. The BEC approved funds for us to purchase
new microphones and a speaker for the back of the room. We
hope these will solve the sound problems.
Finally, Larry Yarberry needs someone to assist him with
managing Traveling SIRs for the next several months as he
focuses his time on family matters. Please let Larry or me
know at your earliest convenience if you can step up and
provide this assistance.

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Little Sir Sez,

June 2024
Since becoming Little SIR of Branch 8, I have had numerous opportunities to talk to other SIR Branches Big  and Little SIR’s. 
Starting with the SIR Summit held a few months ago, it became obvious that Branch 8 “does it right”! From the Administrative & BEC committee’s, to the Activity Chairmen & Co-Chairmen, we have it covered. It is apparent to me and others in SIR, our structure and participation leads the way.
Our Treasure’s, Dan & Paul are “on it”!
Secretaries, Carl & Hugh “catch it all”!
Attendance & Membership Manuel, Dan,Rich & Rick always “updating the count”!
Mike, Chick & Martin “keeping us on the straight & narrow “!
And of coarse, Rich Carlston leads us all, with outstanding leadership and communication!
Branch 8 could not support the quantity of activities, without the leadership of our Chairmen & Co- Chairmen. Other Branches are amazed of how many activities we support and are asking for help and information in setting them up. 
Along with the curiosity of activities, they have inquired  of the amount of prospective speakers we have for luncheons and want the list of past candidates and individuals that have presented a program recently.
In fact, in the near future, we will have an upcoming Little SIR from another branch, attending our luncheon to “see how it is done”.
Bottom Line – We Have a Great Group of Guts!👍
Keep those “comment cards” coming at the luncheons.
What was your opinion on the AI – Fake News presentation?
Enjoy the weather, join an activity!
Thx for your support,
Little SIR Branch 8

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