Big Sir


There may be many keys to healthy living.  You’ve probably read lists of them.  Regular physical activity, healthy diet, laugh often, have a purpose, and so on.  One important key is the willingness to challenge our minds by solving problems.

In 2020, we have experienced several enormous problems that force us to look at the world a little differently.  The plans that we created for this year have been pushed aside to deal with a pandemic, wildfires, economic struggles, and social turmoil.  While it may be difficult to find the positives, these and other problems provide opportunities for us to challenge our minds.

At the start of 2020, I would not have imagined that we would be holding Membership Meetings via Zoom, emphasizing health and safety in our activities, and searching for times when we can interact socially.  Despite these obstacles, our Branch 8 members have demonstrated creativity, flexibility, adaptability, and even ingenuity to do what we do.

We have maintained our level of 50+ activities throughout the year.  Recently, the Car Enthusiasts conducted a successful road rally in both a fun and safe manner.  Our Pinochle activity is meeting online.  These are only two examples of how our activities have solved a problem and adapted to the situation.

Throughout the year, we have carefully monitored our branch finances.  Dan Casella and Mike Loonin, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, have kept the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) informed as we have creatively managed our cash reserves.

As you know from your personal expenses, costs continue to rise each year.  However, the excellent stewardship of our finances has put us in a good position.  I am pleased to announce that we will lower the annual dues to $25.00 for 2021.  You will hear more about the annual dues situation in the weeks ahead.

At the Membership Meeting on October 12, we heard an excellent presentation on the ballot propositions by the League of Women Voters.  The video of their presentation including our Q&A is posted on the Branch 8 website. 

Finally, I encourage you to “Go Vote” if you have not already done so.  There are many ways for you to exercise this privilege.  Voting should be one of the necessary actions that we complete this year.  So, challenge your mind by voting.  It’s an important part of healthy living this year.

Let’s stay apart to stay together 
Steve Schramm
Big Sir, SIR Branch 8

updated 10/21/20  DLS