Monthly messages from your Big Sir & Little Sir

Big Sir Sez,

September 2023 Edition
It was quite nice to sit and watch as Rich Carlston did an absolutely great job in his role
as “Big Sir-Elect” at the August BEC and luncheon. It was a full schedule, but Rich did
a great job in both meetings and, despite a couple of minor glitches with the computer,
the new pictures and posters were great. We had a lot of positive comments on the
new AV equipment which allowed the speakers to be heard and the slides to be read
even in the back of the room.
I was indeed honored to present Derek Southern with the first Ed Benson Service award
and to be able to represent the Branch in recognizing a member who has contributed
many years of tireless volunteering. Thanks to both Derek and his wife Pauline for
attending; a delightful couple who, by the way, were celebrating their 58th wedding
anniversary on the same day as the luncheon. Double congratulations to both of them.
Thanks also to Thom and Paula Watkins, and the entire Oktoberfest committee for the
new banner and their efforts to make this a real success. Note that our first annual
Oktoberfest at Cowell Park on October 19th. This special event should be a real kick
with beer, brats, and all the good German food. A sign-up table will be at the next
month’s luncheon, so let’s have a great turnout. You can also contact Thom Watkins,
Dan Crowley, or Leo Dominguez for additional information.

Ray de Witt

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Little Sir Sez,

September 2023
It is hard to believe that the Summer is just about over. We hope you have had a great summer full of sunshine, fun and participation is loads of SIR activities. It has been rewarding to see our activities grow and expand as we continue to recover from the pandemic.
Lunch in August was particularly special with the Ed Benson Award being
presented to Derek Southern for his tireless service in SIR both at our
Branch level and the State level. Again, we are so appreciative of Pauline
for lending Derek to us all these years. But, perhaps even more special, it
was their wedding anniversary!
SIR is a wonderful organization that blesses the lives of its members. Not
only is it fun, with lots of varied activities, but SIR improves the quality and
length of life. As we enjoy these benefits, let’s think of others who we can
encourage to join us.
Finally, our speaker in September is Timothy Haile, the Executive Director
of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority. Timothy will discuss the
Authority and how it performs its primary mission “to plan, fund, and
implement innovative transit programs that strengthen our diverse
communities and improve the lives of residents.” So, don’t miss our
September lunch and be ready with your questions.

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