Vacancies – Assistant Webmaster

The principal job of an Assistant Webmaster (AW) is to help keep the Activity pages up to date. The text for each page is supplied each month by an Activity Chair, or his designee, and the AW copies the submission into the proper page. This is very similar to using Word and completing a Copy-Paste operation. Some activities provide pictures of members enjoying the activity, these are easily added to the page with the text. 

We need several new AWs as there are probably 30 pages to update each month, so if each AW is responsible for 10 pages, we need 3 (or more) AWs.

Any necessary training will be provided, including written instructions and short demo videos as appropriate. We have a website for new AWs where they can practice until they feel confident – and messing up is irrelevant as nobody else ever sees the mistakes! 

To discuss just call or email me,
Derek Southern:  925-253-1646 or

If you can create Word documents, you can edit our webpages!